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  • 08/26/19 09:00 PM

    NVIDIA's vGPU Now Supports Server Virtualization For AI, Deep Learning, Data Science



    In an effort to ramp up the capabilities of the virtual workspace, NVIDIA's vComputeServer, or vCPU, now supports server virtualization for AI, deep learning and data science, which was previously limited to GPU only.



    vComputeServer gives data center administrators the option to run AI workloads on GPU servers in virtualized environments for improved security, utilization and manageability. IT administrators can use hypervisor virtualization tools like VMware vSphere, including vCenter and vMotion, to manage all their data center applications, including AI applications running on NVIDIA GPUs.


    Features include: GPU performance, advanced compute, live migration, increased security, multi-tenant isolation, as well as a broad range of supported GPUs.

    More information and features can be viewed via NVIDIA's blog.

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