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  • 05/23/19 07:35 PM

    nWay Announces NWayPlay Backend Platform for Competitive Online Multiplayer Games



    nWay, multiplatform developers of games such as the recently launched Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and ChronoBlade, today announced the upcoming commercial availability of its nWayPlay platform, making the development of crossplay, real-time multiplayer games easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever. The platform gives development teams a firm foundation on which to build their game backend and delivers everything developers need to launch a stable, scalable backend stack with support for real-time multiplayer and live data. nWayPlay features continual platform updates and source access to ensure developers are getting the latest features available, that can be fully customized to match their game.

    nWay has spent over five years building the nWayPlay platform and initially applied it on its first game, ChronoBlade, which enabled real-time multiplayer and crossplay across iOS, Android, and browser platforms. Using the existing platform, in just nine months, nWay was then able to build its current flagship mobile hit, which now has over 50 million downloads and over 600 million live matches played globally since March 2017.

    With nWayPlay, developers can easily and cost-effectively:

    • Build crossplay games -- Game creators can use nWayPlay to easily develop crossplay games, expand their install base, improve social and matchmaking functionality, and ultimately increase engagement and revenue. The nWayPlay platform supports platform-portable accounts, so users can take their progress across multiple devices and formats.

    • Create real-time multiplayer games -- nWayPlay allows developers to easily build fast real-time synchronous player-vs-player games -- games that are action-oriented and have complex inputs. For these games to be successful, networked play must be a central engine component so that the gameplay experience is smooth even over spotty WiFi and LTE networks. nWayPlay has been battle-tested to provide low-latency real-time multiplayer experience under various conditions for consoles, PC, and mobile.

    • Access real-time arena servers across the globe -- The nWayPlay platform provides a framework for deploying server infrastructure across the globe to give each local player the best networked gaming experience. The platform supports deployments in over 16 regions around the globe, including several inside China. Geo-distribution of users is built into the platform matchmaking/lobby systems and can be extended with custom logic.

    • Engage players with live ops -- The nWayPlay platform provides user-level live ops targeting in real-time.  Real-time segmentation and cohorting allow for precise user targeting. nWayPlay allows the developer to script dynamic offers for user-level personalization of in-app products. Moreover, nWayPlay comes with world class customer service tools featuring an intuitive UI for modification of player data, a robust mail system with built-in localization support, and a full audit log of all customer service tool usage.

    • Be ensured of server stability and scalability --  nWayPlay has a proven scalability and stability record with a 99.99% uptime on its current products. To further ensure stability, the platform comes with best-in-class alerting and monitoring features.

    nWayPlay - how.png

    “Competitive gaming and esports are becoming ever more important. A robust online multiplayer game today needs to solve a host of development challenges -- it has to be latency and packet loss tolerant, have crossplay functionality, have good live ops tools, and be on a rock solid backend that can scale. This is all very hard to do and requires a lot of server engineering resources to build from scratch,” said Taehoon Kim, co-founder and CEO of nWay. “We have spent years solving these problems for ourselves, and we are proud to now offer our powerful solution to other developers, enabling them to more cost-effectively bring their best versions of competitive online games to the market.”

    Pricing and Availability

    nWayPlay is currently in beta and will launch towards the end of this year. The technology is free to use for development and payments will be based on Monthly Active Users once the game is live.  

    More information on nWayPlay can be found at http://nway.com.

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