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  • 05/15/18 12:21 AM
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    OpenVR SDK 1.0.15 Released


    • Posted By khawk

    Valve has released a new version of the OpenVR SDK. The 1.0.15 release introduces SteamVR Input, allowing users to build binding configurations for their favorite games with any controller, ultimately making it easier for developers to adapt their games more easily to diverse controllers.

    From the announcement:


    This new input system also allows developers to adapt their games more easily to diverse controllers. Developers control the default bindings for each controller type, and can offer alternate control schemes directly without the need to change the games themselves. When using SteamVR Input, developers expose high level "actions" in their applications that control how the binding UI presents their game to users.

    All of this support is built right into SteamVR. It also works on every SteamVR application even if the developer of that application hasn't updated it to the new system yet.

    Learn more from the StreamVR blog announcement here.

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