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  • 05/09/18 03:17 PM

    Perforce Offers New Free Package for Small Indie Game Studios


    • Posted By khawk

    Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to development teams requiring scale, visibility, and security along the development lifecycle, announced a new package offer for independent game development studios.

    The package, called the “Indie Studio Pack,” is designed to provide up-and-coming game development studios with the tools they need to plan and version their next game. It includes five free users on both its version control and project management solutions: Helix Core, a long-time industry standard, and Hansoft, an Agile project management tool built by game developers for game developers. Recognizing that independent studios come in many sizes, the package includes special pricing for those needing more than five users.


    The offer comes after real feedback from game developers at the industry’s largest global event — the 2018 Game Developer Conference (GDC)held last February in San Francisco.

    “What we heard at GDC is that indie game developers love Helix Core, which is currently available for free to teams of five or fewer, but they wanted similar access to our Hansoft project management product,” says Nico Krüger, Perforce General Manager. “So, we’ve bundled them together.”

    In a crowded field of project management tools, Hansoft is one that was built by game developers for developers. It’s currently used by AAA studios for its speed, flexibility (it supports Agile and hybrid methodologies), and scalability.

    “[Indie game developers] told us that what they end up doing is using free project management software they find online — and there’s a lot of it these days — but that those tools aren’t really built for game developers,” says Krüger. “They now have access to the same version control and project management tools used by AAA game studios.”

    Visit the webpage for more details about the Perforce Indie Studio Pack.

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