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  • 12/03/18 02:29 PM
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    PhysX 4.0 Announced as Open Source


    • Posted By Promit

    NVIDIA has announced a christmas present with the release of PhysX SDK 4.0 later this month, open sourced under the 3-clause BSD license. The big technical change in the physics engine appears to be the temporal Gauss-Seidel solver, enabling faster and more robust handling of contact points and constraints.

    For full details, please see https://news.developer.nvidia.com/announcing-physx-sdk-4-0-an-open-source-physics-engine/

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    User Feedback

    Stupid question here. 

    Does PhysX works on ATI graphic cards? I mean, there are many features that works with Nvidia cards particularities. Do they just disable that functionalities?

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    That was a not so stupid question imo !

    According to them it runs on a lot of cpu platforms, and there are cuda based implementations for nvidia graphics cards.

    Edit ... errr ... that was last year. lol 🙂

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