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  • 07/01/18 09:28 PM

    px_render: Single Header Backend Renderer



    Jose Hidalgo has released a single header C++ command based renderer backend on Github.

    The px_render header is written in C++ 11/14 with no dependencies and simple integration. The API itself is render agnostics and supports OpenGL only with plans to support multiple backends in the future.

    The goals of the project include:

    • multithreaded rendering: designed to be used in multithreaded applications
    • command based rendering: build render commands in advance in a separate thread
    • reentrant API: everything is held in a 'Context' class, making it very easy to support multiple windows, etc.
    • no dependencies: portable and easy to extend
    • implicit task graph dependency for single or groups of tasks

    Hidalgo is hosting px_render in his 'px' PpluX single header C++ library repository at https://github.com/pplux/px. Right now the repository also includes px_sched, which is a task oriented scheduler.

    Click here to learn more.

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