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  • 07/07/19 09:06 PM

    Quadplay Console Released for Free & Open Sourced


    Fantasy console Quadplay, from CasualEffects, has been released for free under the LGPL3 license. 
    A fantasy console is a virtual console that usually contains specifications comparable to the classics, like an NES. They are often equipt with an easy to use programming language.

    The source code for quadplay is available here via GitHub. 

    See more on Quadplay, including specifications, here.


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    User Feedback

    Very impressive. I love the idea of virtual console hardware apis. The one that sticks out in my mind the most is Exapunk's RedShift console. I wound up coding a simple side scrolling shooter in it. Another cool feature of their game was that it imbeded the code for the game in an image of the cartridge. 

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