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  • 09/07/17 10:27 PM
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    Qualcomm Releases Snapdragon Profiler 1.8


    • Posted By khawk

    Snapdragon Profiler v1.8 is now available from Qualcomm for developers looking to profile their games and VR/AR apps on Android and the Snapdragon SoC. The latest version adds new realtime metrics for frame time, GPU frequency, and GPU temperature, improved profiler overhead, and a number of bug fixes. Learn more and download by clicking here.

    Full release notes:

    • Added new Realtime metrics:
      • Per-process 'Frame Time' metric for OpenGL ES applications in Realtime captures
      • System 'GPU Frequency' metric (requires root)
      • System 'GPU Temperature' metric (requires root, not available on all devices)
    • New Trace capture metric 'GPU Activity' visualizes the correlation between GPU Activity and CPU thread command submissions
    • Added ability to export Drawcall Vertex Data to the OBJ file format in Snapshot captures
    • Reduced Profiler overhead for graphics applications
    • Added ability to copy to clipboard affecting relevant controls
    • Added visual indicator for binary programs used in Snapshot captures
    • Added ability to toggle boolean values in the Options view with mouse double-click
    • Added OpenCL metric support for Adreno 512 GPU family
    • Fixed crash while exporting Data Explorer data from Trace and Snapshot captures
    • Fixed issue capturing 'Rendering Stage' and 'API Trace' with Vulkan Trace captures
    • Fixed drawcall data crash affecting various graphics applications
    • Fixed various issues in Shader Analyzer in Android O Developer Preview
    • Fixed Vulkan applications not listed in process list for Trace captures
    • Fixed issue where global metrics aren't re-enabled when re-launching Vulkan applications
    • Fixed random crash while creating a new Snapshot capture with Snapdragon Profiler on MacOS
    • Fixed incorrect data when capturing Trace 'Rendering Stages'

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