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  • 11/01/17 03:13 PM

    Open Source
    Released "Effekseer 1.30," which is a visual effect creation tool that can produce explosions and hit effects



    Effekseer Project develops "Effekseer," which is visual software for creating open source games; on November 1, I released "Effekseer 1.3," which is the latest major version release. With Effekseer, you can easily create various visual effects simply by specifying different parameters.
    Effekseer is a tool to create various visual effects used in games and others. You can create various visual effects such as explosion, light emission, and particles. Effekseer's effect creation tool works only on Windows. However, the created visual effects can be viewed on Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, and other environments using plugins runtime / plugins such as DirectX, OpenGL, and Unity.

    Effekseer 1.3 is an updated version of Effekseer 1.2 released in June 2016.

    This update contains the following changes:
    -Addition of a file viewer that makes it easy to manage effect files;
    -Improvements in UI such as adding icons for easy understanding of editing status;
    -Addition of a function to read FBX as a 3D model file;
    -Addition of parameters for easier control of the effects.

    In addition to Unity, I have added plugins / libraries to UnrealEngine 4 and Cocos2d-x.
    This makes it possible to play effects in most major development environments.Besides that, more than 70 new sample effects have been added and many bugs have been fixed.

    Effekseer 1.3 is available on the project website.
    The license for the software is the MIT license.





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