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  • 08/07/19 01:57 AM

    Rocket League Devs To Remove Random Loot Boxes



    Loot boxes have been a big discussion in the gaming industry, being thrown alongside gambling when compared. This controversy has led Psyonix to announce that they'll be removing blind loot boxes from Rocket League and replacing them with something "that shows the exact items you’re buying in advance,” according to Twinfinite.

    While the replacement system isn't made clear yet, buyers will know the items they'll get before they pay for the new loot boxes.

    This comes after Fortnite removed their blind loot boxes as well.


    Psyonix may be following the trend of other developers who have shown the odds of loot boxes or removed them entirely as countries have investigated whether the practice is a form of gambling. Belgium declared loot boxes illegal last year, while one UK MP insisted it was not and one US Senator plans to introduce a bill on selling loot boxes to minors.

    What do you think of this development, and what are your thoughts on loot boxes?

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