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  • 11/21/18 01:40 PM
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    SoLoud Audio Engine 20181119 Release


    • Posted By Sol_HSA

    SoLoud audio engine 2018119 has been released, and available at http://soloud-audio.com

    SoLoud is an easy to use, free, portable c/c++ audio engine for games.

    • First release after 2 year burnout hiatus
    • Hilights:
      • FLAC, MP3 and various wav file formats through dr_flac, dr_mp3 and dr_wav
      • Split SDL and SDL2 dll backends due to SDL2 doing stupid things unless told not to
      • Removed modplug, added libmodplug dll interface
      • Loop point support for all audio sources
      • Wav files can now load from raw data
      • Multi-speaker support
      • Queues
      • Many new small examples
      • Piano demo now has padsynth
      • Sanity test: over 200 tests to check if changes break playback
      • Asserts
      • playBackground helper interface to play audio without panning
      • countAudioSource call to see how many instances of an audio source are playing
      • PS Vita homebrew platform support
      • Wave shaper, robotize filters
      • Added more options to speech synth playback
      • Removed many dynamic allocations
      • Switched FFT implementations (again)
      • Countless bug fixes and tweaks

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