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  • 07/21/18 10:08 PM

    Spriter 2 the 2D Animation Tool Now Available for Pre-order



    BrashMonkey LLC is pleased to announce that pre-order for Spriter 2, their 2D animation tool for game creators, is now available.

    The recently released teaser-trailer for Spriter 2 can be seen here:

    A driving goal in the development of Spriter 2 is to enable creators to achieve a level of rich, natural, and expressive form and movement, rarely seen outside of hand-drawn animation, all in a uniquely fun interface which drastically speeds up the animation process.

    Spriter 2 will offer many forms of mesh deformation, curve based and bone based hierarchies and animations, and a large array of video game specific functionality such as animated collision polygons, spawning points, advanced stackable character maps, and several features yet to be revealed.

    To celebrate this pre-order milestone, BrashMonkey is running a sale of 35 percent off any purchase until August 3rd when you use coupon code: SPRITER 2 in their online store.

    As an added bonus, anyone who pre-orders Spriter 2 during this sale will also receive the full version of Spriter Pro (the current version of Spriter) immediately, free of charge, and will be granted private beta access to Spriter 2 sometime in 2018.

    You can visit https://www.spriter2.com/  to learn more and subscribe for further updates.

    Or visit https://brashmonkey.com to see their full range of products and access their forums.

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