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  • 08/11/19 08:11 PM

    Steam Workshop Items Will Now Require Approval From Valve



    Steam Workshop is an outlet for fans to create their own content for some of their favorite games. Previously, creators didn't have the hurdle of Valve, until now, according to PC Gamer.



    The change, spotted this weekend by a user on the CS:GO subreddit, applies to new worskhop mods and updates to existing items, and Valve says the approval process should take "less than a day".

    New submissions to the Workshop will have to go through a two-step procedure. The first step requires new mods to be verified via email, which should be received within a half-hour of submission. The second step is to wait for the submissions to be approved by Valve.

    If you create Steam Workshop mods or use them for your games, what are your thoughts on this development?

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