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  • 09/15/17 02:32 PM
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    Stuart Whyte, Director of VR Product Dev at Sony, to Deliver Keynote at Develop:VR


    • Posted By khawk

    Stuart Whyte, director of VR product development for Sony London Studios will deliver this year’s keynote for Develop:VR.

    Whyte, who has close to 30 years’ experience in the video games industry, starting life as an adventure
    columnist for Amstrad Action magazine, will open Develop:VR with his keynote entitled, ‘Taking VR to
    the Next Level – A Case Study in AAA Games Development’.

    Develop VR Full Logo 2017.jpg

    In his keynote, Whyte will discuss the current state of the VR industry, the challenges and opportunities
    of AAA VR development and suggest potential solutions to maximise success for any sized studio.
    As well as the keynote, Tandem Events also announced the following sessions, with more to be

    Improve your brain – the real value of VR/AR gaming
    Faviana Vangelius, SVRVIVE

    Pioneers in the Sesert – The Reality of Developing for Virtual Reality
    Andrew Willans, CCP Games

    Love your Limitations: Defining Art for Mobile VR
    Anna Hollinrake, Climax Studios

    Collaborating with Brands to Create Magical VR
    Brynley Gibson, Kuju

    Serious VR, Making Real Money
    Tanya Laird, Digital Jam

    Drop Deadline – Delivering a Visually-Excellent, 60fps, Narrative Mobile Shooter to a Fixed Deadline with a Small Team
    James Horn, Pixel Toys

    Getting Up Close and Virtual with the Automotive Industry: Using VR for the Right Reasons
    James Watson, Imagination

    Haptics and VR – Touching Virtual Worlds
    Anders Hakfelt, Ultrahaptics

    Develop:VR is a one day conference and expo focusing on the commercial opportunities that Virtual and Augmented Reality present for today’s game developers and highlighting the tools and techniques needed to produce top selling VR and AR content.

    Develop:VR takes place on 9 November at Olympia London and delegate passes can be bought at a Super Early Bird rate, a saving of £100, until 20 September at

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