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  • 08/28/19 11:30 PM

    TeiaCare Introduces AI Assistant For Professional Caregivers



    Yet another breakthrough in the realm of artificial intelligence. A startup company, TeiaCare, has created the first AI to help professional caregivers care for the elderly, according to NVIDIA.




    To reduce the risk of falls and bed sores, TeiaCare’s digital assistant, which consists of an optical sensor connected to a processor, is mounted onto ceilings. The processor uses a series of computer vision and deep learning algorithms, accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs, to analyze the visual data captured.

    None of the video data is saved or stored. Instead, the system identifies specific movements and resting positions in real-time.


    Additionally, the digital assitant will be able to receive customized reports on patients with information like how long they’re spending in and out of bed. Caregivers can be notified if something — like a fall — occurs to give them an immediate response time.

    Image: sabinevanerp

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