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  • 05/07/18 03:36 PM

    The EnhanceMyApp Podcast



    Enhance has announced the launch of the EnhanceMyApp podcast where they will talk about valuable tips and advice on how to improve your mobile app in all stages of development and beyond. EnhanceMyApp will be picking the brains of some of the mobile industry’s most successful developers, publishers and service providers, discussing everything from cultivating your first app idea, all the way to generating more installs.

    The first episode of the show will focus on all the phases of building your first mobile game, from start to finish. Indie game developers Damien Crawford and Robert Podgorski join to discuss everything from how game jams can spark your creative juices, to how user feedback should be taken seriously in the development phase.

    Head over to and subscribe on your preferred listening platform. Enhance also has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well with the latest updates on the show.

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