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  • 09/11/19 08:53 PM

    The Unity Accelerator: What it is and How it can Help



    Unity has introduced a new program to help teams reduce project update wait times by 90%. The Unity Accelerator is a local network proxy and cache service that speeds up iteration times for asset pipeline importing and source code download via Collaborate. This is claimed to substantially reduce waiting times for blockers.



    The Unity Accelerator augments the new asset import pipeline by providing a local network cache of transformed assets for your entire team. This means that only one person needs to perform the actual import and the results will automatically be cached to the Unity Accelerator. The next time a team member goes to import the same version of the asset, the cache will first be checked before starting the import process on the local machine.


    The Unity Accelerator can be downloaded on OSXWindows and Linux. The Collaborate source control feature requires a Unity Teams Advanced subscription.

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