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  • 07/11/17 09:02 PM
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    Unity 2017.1 Released


    • Posted By khawk

    Unity 2017.1 is now available for download.

    As a major release, a ton of improvements and fixes have been included. Here's the rundown:

    Timeline allows you to create cinematic content such as cutscenes and trailers, gameplay sequences, and more


    Cinemachine is an advanced camera system allowing you to compose shots like a movie director, without code


    Post-processing allows you to easily apply realistic features to scenes using film industry controls


    Unity Teams includes a set of features that simplify the way creators work together, including Collaborate and Cloud Build

    Live-Ops analytics introduces easier ways to understand users without having to redeploy


    Improvements to Particle Systems and the Progressive Lightmapper


    Performance boosts with Deferred Rendering on iOS and NVIDIA VRWorks on PC



    Plenty more improvements and bug fixes are in the Unity 2017.1 release. Get the full details at the Unity blog announcement.


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