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  • 09/24/19 02:53 PM

    Unity Announces New Graphics Tools, Unity Simulation, and more at Unite Copenhagen


    • Posted By khawk

    During the Unite Copenhagen keynote, Unity  announced new graphics tools, Unity Simulation, and more.

    Unity Simulation is a new cloud-based simulation product for running multiple instances of a Unity project in parallel, at scale on Google Cloud. Unity Simulation can be used to accelerate applications across industries like gaming, automotive, and robotics, allowing developers to test, train, and validate any projects, prototypes or concepts in a simulated world without being bound by the challenges of reality – like insufficient data, inadequate resources, or safety concerns. Using Unity Simulation, game developers can test a game's soft launch scenario, for example.

    On the graphics side, Unity introduced the new High Definition Render Pipeline, the Universal Render Pipeline, improvements to 2D tools, and more.


    Learn more from the Unity blog or watch the Unite Copenhagen keynote here:


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