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  • 05/12/17 04:20 PM
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    Unity Announces Standard Events for Unity Analytics


    • Posted By khawk

    To facilitate the most common analytics developers are trying to capture in their game, Unity has introduced Standard Events as part of its Unity Analytics offering. Unity says the Standard Events came out of reviewing the most commonly-asked questions regarding the analytics their game developers have needed.

    What are Standard Events? From the blog:

    Our new feature quickly points you to areas of player behavior you likely want to explore. Instead of completely freeform custom events, these new standard events are normalized to help you ask some pretty sensible questions, such as “how are my players doing?”, “where are they spending money?”, and “how engaged are they in my game?” Just by using the SDK’s API, you get a built-in checklist of questions you should probably be asking.


    Standard Events looks to answer 5 questions:

    • How well are players onboarding?
    • How are players progressing?
    • How effectively are players monetizing?
    • Which UI screens do they visit?
    • How actively are players engaging and socializing?

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