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  • 08/14/17 08:06 PM
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    Unity Announces Support for XBox One X


    • Posted By khawk

    Unity has announced that support for Xbox One X is now available. This means developers can now deploy their projects to any member of the XBox One family: Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. Unity developers can now take advantage of the increased power and 4K HDR output.

    From their blog announcement:


    The process of developing for Xbox One X is the same as developing for the existing Xbox One family. Unity for Xbox One is available to anyone with an Xbox One development kit. To learn more about the ID@Xbox program for independent developers, head over to to sign up for Microsoft’s independent developer publishing program for Xbox One.

    Once you’ve registered as a Microsoft developer, a representative will be in contact with you to let you know when you’ve been given access to the Xbox One Development forum for Unity. Here you can find an active community of other developers, gain support from Unity, and download the Xbox One Unity editor add-on.


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