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  • 09/05/19 10:37 PM

    Unreal Engine 4.23 Has Released With Chaos Beta



    Unreal has released the 4.23 version of their engine. In their blog post, one of the big changes is the addition of Chaos, a new and improved physics/destruction system that was shown off at GDC 2019.

    With 4.23, it is available in its beta form to mess around with and learn the system while it grows and improves. Other features include betas for Real-Time Ray Tracing Improvements, Virtual Texturing and Unreal Insights, which lets the developer collect data on Unreal's behavior.



    We have optimized systems, provided new tools, and added features to help you do more for less. Virtual Texturing reduces texture memory overhead for light maps and detailed artist-created textures, and improves rendering performance for procedural or layered materials respectively. Animation streaming enables more animations to be used by limiting the runtime memory impact to only those currently in use. Use Unreal Insights to collect, analyze, and visualize data on UE4 behavior for profiling, helping you understand engine performance from either live or pre-recorded sessions.


    The whole post, as well as the entire list of new features, betas and updates, can be viewed with the link above.

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