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  • 08/02/19 08:44 PM

    Unreal Engine's Free Stuff for August 2019



    From Unreal's blog comes a laundry list of free stuff for developers in the month of August. Here are some of the highlight, as part of their partnership with creators in the Unreal Engine Marketplace:


    Dynamic Combat System - Magic: Made for third-person combat system includes features for zooming and mothing, equipment and inventory, as well as 80 animations!



    Environment Set: An expansive selection of trees, shrubs and other greenery so you can build your own wildland.



    Footsteps Sounds with Blueprint Setup: A set of realistic audio for footsteps, rattles and grunts for characters that have to use two legs to get around. It even includes settings for different types of ground/floors

    Generic NPC Anim Pack: Using mocap, 60 animations were made on this software for NPCs. Features include basic stretches, bow usage, idle animations and even smithing.
    Survivor Vision - Advanced Outline, Fill and Tagging System: A post-processing VFX system that can be used for characters and objects for the sake of visual aid to the player.
    Also included is their list of new items that are permanently free. Those can be seen via their blog post.

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