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  • 04/03/18 03:20 PM
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    Valve Open Sources GameNetworkingSockets


    Valve has open sourced the source code for GameNetworkingSockets, a basic transport layer for games that is used as the foundation for the SteamWorks SDK. Features include:

    • Connection-oriented protocol (like TCP)
    • ... but message-oriented instead of stream-oriented
    • Mix of reliable and unreliable messages
    • Messages can be larger than underlying MTU, the protocol performs fragmentation and reassembly, and retransmission for reliable
    • Bandwidth estimation based on TCP-friendly rate control (RFC 5348)
    • Encryption. AES per packet, Ed25519 crypto for key exchange and cert signatures. The details for shared key derivation and per-packet IV are based on Google QUIC.
    • Tools for simulating loss and detailed stats measurement

    The project has dependencies for OpenSSL, Google protobuf, and ed25519-donna and curve25519-donna. It's also only been tested on Ubuntu 17.10.

    Learn more at https://github.com/ValveSoftware/GameNetworkingSockets.


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