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  • 01/09/19 09:41 PM

    VRX Webinar: XR for Business 101


    • Posted By khawk

    The enterprise use-cases of XR are numerous and growing. But what’s needed for successful implementation? How can you scale roll-out? How do you demonstrate ROI?


    On Tuesday 15th January, an expert panel of speakers will address the key industry question:

    ‘XR for business 101: What’s critical for success?’

    With panelists including:

    • Coen Sanderink, Business Developer Digitale Infra, Heijmans
    • Julio Cesar Bolivar Lopez, R&D IT Innovation Consultant, Bayer
    • Jan Pflueger, Center of Competence for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Audi
    • Mark Sage, Executive Director, The AREA

    Moderated by Amy Peck, CEO, EndeavorVR

    Key discussion points:

    • Identifying business need: The what, why and how of using XR for a purpose
    • Success in pitching, implementing and using XR as part of a wider business model
    • Learning from real cases: Problems and solutions in XR adoption
    • Measuring ROI – the hard and soft approach

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear about real life scenarios, anecdotes and advice, as well as get your pressing questions answered by the webinar panel.

    It’s taking place on Tuesday 15th January at 2pm GMT – if you can’t join live, sign up now to receive the recordings later, at https://bit.ly/2H33IaV

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