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  • 08/01/19 04:12 PM

    YoYo Game's Guide to Successful Crowdfunding



    Crowdfunding, in a number of cases, can make or break an indie games development. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe are just a few of the resources available to help fund your projects. In a recent blog post from YoYo Games, they give tips and tricks to give your crowdfunding campaign the best chance for success.

    The blog post highlights some daunting figures of the success rate of indie games on Kickstarter:



    This is easier said than done, as the Kickstarter market is very competitive and a majority of video games don’t reach their funding goals. According to the statistical analysis company Ico Partners, 2018 saw 1,149 unsuccessful video game Kickstarter campaigns and only 352 successful ones. And of those, 292 of them were asking for $50k or less. That’s a tough market, so we thought it would be helpful to speak to a handful of developers from the GameMaker community who had successful Kickstarter campaigns so they could tell us what they believe led to their success.


    Despite this, there is still a ton of possibility for your crowdfunding campaign to be a success, should you choose that route.

    The blog post covers preparedness, audience engagement, the do and don'ts of game demos and a ton more!

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