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  1. Gabriel Orlandelli, Lead Designer at Major Games, discusses level design insights from BiT Evolution and Vectromirror. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GOrlandelli
  2. Billy Joe Cain discusses the evolution of the games industry's business models, the twists and turns, and the complications throughout the industry's history.
  3. David Baity, CTO of Crimson Leaf, tells the story of MegaWars - the series of online multiplayer space empire building games hosted on CompuServe in the 1980s and 1990s.
  4. Tyler Coleman of Retora Game Studios talks about how to use procedural content generation in game development.
  5. Panel discussing retro game development. Dave Oshry of New Blood Interactive Stephen Kick of Night Dive Studios Jason Fader of Night Dive Studios
  6. Panel discussion with Billy Joe Cain, Gregory MacMartin, Justin Klinchuch, Mark Soderwall, and Matt Scibilia.
  7. Heidi McDonald, Creative Director at iThrive, discusses how to write and design games to bring out player emotions.
  8. Daniel Doan, Co-Founder and CGO of Black Shell Media, discusses Instagram marketing tips for indies. Twitter: https://twitter.com/doandaniel
  9. Rebecca Heineman, co-founder of Interplay and creator of Bard's Tale 3, discusses programming the Atari 2600.
  10. Radka Janeková discusses the damage model in World of Tanks with a live video recording. Twitter: https://twitter.com/RheaAyase
  11. Speaker: Dave Vogt, CEO of The Ludicrous Ones. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ludicrousda3ve
  12. Billy Joe Cain of Creative Catalyst discusses the problems you can have in a game studio, with the development team, and dealing with issues that can happen in a game studio based on his 20+ years of experience in the industry. PPT: Download
  13. 26 - End Announcements

    Jesse Collins makes some final announcements for the end of PDGC I.
  14. Jesse Collins from Zettabyte Marketing discusses marketing for indie game developers. View attached outline: Download Related Reading: Jesse has also written a series of articles on 'Indie Marketing for noobs' in his column "Gamedev Unboxed".
  15. 24 - Game Preservation

    Mike Mika and Frank Cifaldi from Other Ocean discuss the loss of history in the video game industry and the challenge of game preservation. Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeJMika https://twitter.com/frankcifaldi
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