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  1. I actually have this working in a slightly different manner. I let each piece move itself. Since it can have borders on all 4 sides (ala best fiends) of a piece in addition to a whole piece that I call a block or center wall, I first am checking if my pieces can go straight down. I also check to see if that piece has a sidewall on either side. If it doesn't have any borders I skip the diagonal checks. If it does have borders then it checks the diagonals. Also each piece checks is neighbor to the top to see if a new piece needs to be added. This results in a pretty predictable drop pattern and I don't see the columns leeching from the sides any more. Maybe not ideal, but it seems to work really well.
  2. I will be following this as I am working on the same thing at the moment. Each piece has an opportunity to be a wall or even to have breakable or non-breakable walls on all 4 sides, and i'm struggling to write the code to get the blocks to drop down. I have a few ideas I have yet to implement which *should* work.. but i'm also going to be moving blocks down one row at a time, once that row is resolved, then the next, etc.. until the board is full again. Definitely looking for easier ways to do this!
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