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    Adding two 4x4 matrix objects to form another

    Ew lame, who did then :\.... The nerve of people : I rated you and the other guy up.
  2. Xetheriel

    Can anyone help me get started on Ogre?

    I'm having trouble with this tutorial: http://www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/SettingUpAnApplication I am having trouble understanding the prerequisites: Quote: The easiest way to get everything configured is to copy an existing OGRE sample and the media directory into your own working directory. If on windows, copy all the necessary runtime DLLs to this directory. Edit plugins.cfg and resources.cfg to match this new directory. OGRE Libraries & Files OGRE libraries (OgreMain[_d].dll, OgrePlatform[_d].dll or libOgreMain.so, libOgrePlatform.so for linux) plugins.cfg - Text file specifying the rendering libraries available to Ogre (ie DX9, OpenGL) All the plugin libraries listed in plugins.cfg resources.cfg - If using the ExampleApplication, a text file specifing paths to materials, textures, models, etc OgreCore.zip - Ensure resources.cfg has the proper path to this file if you plan to use the OGRE debug panel or profiler Other Resources used in your program (*.zip; *.png; *.particle; *.mesh; ...) Where do I put the dll's? the windows folder?, it says edit plugincs.cfg and resources.cfg, but how, to do what? OgreCore.zip, what is this? Basically I get library linking errors when I try to compile this #include "ExampleApplication.h" // Declare a subclass of the ExampleFrameListener class class MyListener : public ExampleFrameListener { public: MyListener(RenderWindow* win, Camera* cam) : ExampleFrameListener(win, cam) { } bool frameStarted(const FrameEvent& evt) { return ExampleFrameListener::frameStarted(evt); } bool frameEnded(const FrameEvent& evt) { return ExampleFrameListener::frameEnded(evt); } }; // Declare a subclass of the ExampleApplication class class SampleApp : public ExampleApplication { public: SampleApp() { } protected: // Define what is in the scene void createScene(void) { // put your scene creation in here } // Create new frame listener void createFrameListener(void) { mFrameListener = new MyListener(mWindow, mCamera); mRoot->addFrameListener(mFrameListener); } }; #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif #if OGRE_PLATFORM == OGRE_PLATFORM_WIN32 #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN #include "windows.h" INT WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInst, HINSTANCE, LPSTR strCmdLine, INT) #else int main(int argc, char **argv) #endif { // Instantiate our subclass SampleApp myApp; try { // ExampleApplication provides a go method, which starts the rendering. myApp.go(); } catch (Ogre::Exception& e) { #if OGRE_PLATFORM == OGRE_PLATFORM_WIN32 MessageBox(NULL, e.getFullDescription().c_str(), "An exception has occured!", MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR | MB_TASKMODAL); #else std::cerr << "Exception:\n"; std::cerr << e.getFullDescription().c_str() << "\n"; #endif return 1; } return 0; } #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif Sorry for being vague at all in previous posts, help is much appreciated :)
  3. Xetheriel

    Adding two 4x4 matrix objects to form another

    See now we're getting helpful.. You have to understand, the last thing I feel like doing is diving into math tutorials when I already know how to do basic matrix multiplication/addition/translation etc etc.. What I didn't understand was a three dimensional concept - you need those 1's in there to get the right results.. I believe those are the scalar values? Now that I know this, I can fix my program so I set them to an identity matrix before I initialize any translation. Because multiplying those two matrices together was like, messing up (I don't feel like doing a bit of matrix math to figure out exactly what is happening, but i know it isn't good)... I think the fact that I need the scalar values was quite different from "revisiting the basics of matrices again".. Sorry for getting a little short, i just really didn't feel like opening up a math book on this one, and I really didn't think i needed to.. So, yeah, please spare my rating :) We learn arbitrary stuff in school, not the specifics of 3dimensional rendering via 4x4 matrices :)
  4. Xetheriel

    Adding two 4x4 matrix objects to form another

    Did you read my last post? I didn't say the word add for, quite some time, in fact I havn't said add since like, my first 2 or 3 posts? And the only reason it would end up as a 0 matrix is the fact that I didn't set up the scalar values of the matrices when I initialized them.
  5. Xetheriel

    Adding two 4x4 matrix objects to form another

    Yeah, camera code is copy pasted stuff.. But I understand your average matrix math, adding, subtracting, multiplying, determinents, etc... But I believe it is logic here that is failing me, or opengl syntax.. LocalMatrix * ParentNode->FinalMatrix should result in a matrix that looks like this [0 0 0 0] [0 0 0 0] [0 0 0 0] [0 0 0 0] As I havn't set any informations inside the matrices With these elements being the translation: [0 0 0 X] [0 0 0 Y] [0 0 0 Z] [0 0 0 0] It should be exactly the same as calling glTranslatef(0.0, 0.0, 0.0); Or glLoadIdentity... Or maybe the problem is that the scalar value is 0? I don't see why though.. I really believe that it is a matter of not understanding the gl matrix and transformation functions.. the MODELVIEW matrix should be in use, it is set after setting up the opengl world matrix in the resize_gl function..
  6. Xetheriel

    Adding two 4x4 matrix objects to form another

    Tis strange, either way I multiply the two matrices, I still get the same bug... I'm viewing a strange direction, the model looks weird, (i might be inside the model), and my camera is locked... Perhaps it is due to this line? glLoadMatrixf(this->FinalMatrix.readArray()); You can check to see what readarray does up at the origional post... Wouldn't it just translate everything to 0,0,0 if I don't set the translation for the local matrix?
  7. Xetheriel

    No degree: possible to get a job?

    You're gonna have to be able to show them something revolutionary in your initial application to even get them to keep reading past your education credentials.. It is a shame really, I know plenty of bright guys who can rig a pc out of a paperclip and some duct tape :\. Well, not really, but you get my point. Generally, if they see a null pointer for education history they throw the application out the door, forgive the bad pun. But, getting to speak with them in person, for some strange stroke of faith, is a different story, you could show them something neat then... My 2 cents, take it for what its worth :). Really it is just me trying to justify spending 25,000 dollars for college :).
  8. Either way, to the OP I was just being sarcastic about the MMO bit, that is what seems to happen when people post things about MMO's in general around here :). Not that it is the way I feel :).
  9. Xetheriel

    Can anyone help me get started on Ogre?

    Why thank you :D
  10. Xetheriel

    Can anyone help me get started on Ogre?

    Uh, yeah, I do 3d programming all the time, I just wanna try my hand at a premade renderer :\
  11. OH NOES HE SAID MMO!!!! EVERYONE FLAME HIM!!! Anyways, I'm pretty sure the only requirement to game development is, hmm, playing video games? Just my opinion though.
  12. Okay, so we have walls, polygons witha texture... floors and ceilings, same thing... Doors, walls with holes in them, and a door geometry? + texture.. Stairs... Lots of squares? a 3d model? ??? Thats all I got... The question is, how am I supposed to like, not create these with long sessions of creating polygons and texturing them? Or is an interior just one big 3d model? Like, how do I create rooms and hallways and such, without um... Doing alot of work? lol... And hopefully not having to do alot of work to make it so I don't have to do alot of work... like creating an editor, that is defeating the purpose! Course that may be my only option :\...
  13. Xetheriel

    Can anyone help me get started on Ogre?

    I've compiled it by opening the samples solution and compiling it, no problems.. That is about as far as I've gotten :d Now I want ogre to work on programs I create :) I've pretty much downloaded the SDK, opened the sample solution, and hit the build all button... :d
  14. Xetheriel

    Funny Game Screenshots

    Necrophilia in oblivion :\..
  15. Xetheriel

    What should we do with the site?

    Please keep it to OpenGL stuff! That is all :).
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