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  1. Huffer

    Is this book any good

    No problem. We all need help from time to time (pun here).
  2. Huffer


    VC++ for me is simply too big to use everytime I want to compile and launch 5-10 lines of test code, or book examples. DevC++ is much more convinient for this. Of course, if you're writing something serious, VC++ is definitely the way to go.
  3. Huffer

    Is this book any good

    Beginning C++ Game Programming is an absolutely amazing book for beginners wanting to learn C++ by writing simple console-based games. As such, if you already know C++, this isn't for you, even though it's brilliantly written and explained. And if you want to learn 3D, this ain't for you either. There's no 3D, only pure C++. However, if you don't know C++ or know it just a little, this is the first book you should get. It's THE BEST C++ book for a beginner. Highly recommended. Beginning Direct3D Game Programming is ok. If you know C++ well, I guess you could try it although I have a much better recommendation: Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0. A magnificent book. The best DirectX book out there. Note, however, that it does require some C++ knowledge. If you know the basic C++ stuff, this book is the way to go. Hope it helps.
  4. Huffer

    microsoft vs. bloodshed

    I think VC++ is too "complex" for simple stuff, like code from books, simple little programs etc. DevC++ is much better for that. Launch, click "New", type the code and compile. In VC++ you have to wait till it loads, spend 2 minutes creating a project etc. etc. But for something complex VC++ is essential.
  5. Huffer


    For simple stuff and learning, nothing beats the simple yet powerful DevC++. It's fast, it's neutral (meaning it supports Standard C++). Microsoft does support Standard C++ but it still adds a lot of its own shit. But for something large VC++ 2005 is essential.
  6. Huffer

    So the world hates America...

    Quote:Original post by Prinz Eugn Quote:Original post by lethalhamster Remind them who helped 'em out in WW2 when Hitler BSed(Backstabbed) them. Rant- Actually we should thank them for distracting Hitler long enough to take back most of western europe- in fact if we hadn't invaded at normandy, the Soviets would've went straight to the coast just fine. We just didn't want them to get that far, the west was already looking at the Soviet Union as the next big enemy. Seriously, the war in the west was a microcosm compared to the eastern front, about 95% percent of German troop strength at any one time during the war was on the eastern front. The German-russo conflict alone was the biggest war in history, for perspective, the United States lost about 400,000 thousand troops, and the Soviet Union lost 10,600,000, not counting civilians. And it ain't because it was cold. Sorry, but history shows that they deserve the cred for beating Germany. Ranted Ended! Back on topic- I knew a Russian exchange student, and while he really was pretty anti-bush and anti-stupid-amercian-foriegn-policy, he wasn't anywhere near as crazy as the guys you described Oh my f*cking God! I can't believe my eyes! Wow, that's amazing. I'm really happy at least someone thinks this way. Credit to you!
  7. Huffer

    So the world hates America...

    Oh, god. I'm cursed. I seriosly try to avoid these kind of topic on every forum I go to because it's terrible. And here I am, clicking on this thread and seeing this. Well, here goes... 1) We do not hate America. By no means do we think all the people are stupid, wanna conquer the world etc. etc. Yes, some people don't like the GOVERNMENT, but as we all know: government != people. Of course there are people who hate America, but there are people who hate Bolivia, Iceland, Congo, Fiji etc. It doesn't mean anything. 2) Please take into account that we ARE different. We are a very unique (not in this "better than others" way, just unique) nation with our own mentality. I'm emphasizing: YOU CANNOT APPLY YOUR VALUES TO RUSSIA. It's impossible. We will always be different. For example, true democracy will never be possible in Russia (hehe, I don't think it's possible elsewhere either), and that's why Putin is so strict (sp). Otherwise it'll be total chaos. Just an example. 3) We are naturally USA's enemies. That's not good, that's not bad - that's simply how it is right now. We have our own weapons, our own everything (well, to a certain extent). Thus we can't be true friends, because we are competitors. That doesn't mean we should fight each other, of course not. But please bear this in mind. There is a layer of natural dislike between Russians and Americans. That's OK and normal as long as it stays controlled. 4) And America ain't exactly the frendliest country in the world, is it? Again, please, please understand that one person doesn't reflect a 148 million nation. Whatever you read there is shit, and normal Russians understand that. Yes, naturally most of us are opposed to the US in a non-war way, but that doesn't mean anything. I just want you not to have all these stupid stereotypes about Russia. I'm not asking to love it, admire it, or whatever, but I want you to know that we're just another unique country. It's hard to understand us, and we're very weird at times, but that doesn't mean we're bad. P.S. I'll omit the part about WW2 because it's totally pointless to discuss this. History is written by the winners, so we all have different histories :) P.P.S. Hehe, actually, most people couldn't care less about America anyway :) Hating is definitely not an option. We have our own problems.
  8. Huffer

    Please help me choose a laptop

    Aye, I don't need support :) Seriously, what for? "Hello!... Do you hear me?... Ah... My computer is not working!". This is stupid :) And I hope our Moscow support is at least working.
  9. Huffer

    Please help me choose a laptop

    Aye, no one has replied. Thanks :) Anyways, I've bought a laptop. Don't have it yet - they're making one at the factory for me - but it's Dell Inspiron 6400, the Best one (they have Good, Better, Best). Furthermore, I've upgraded it to: - 1 GB RAM - 256 ATi Mobility - Bag :o) And they had a spinning wheel, I've won myself a Logitech WebCam and money off the total sum (wanted the flash drive, but my luck was bad :)).
  10. Huffer

    Please help me choose a laptop

    URGENT! Ok, guys, I'm off to buy something, but please just help me ASAP. One question. WILL this Intel 900 or whatever shit hypothetically launch a 3D game?! Whatever it is, Half-Life 2 or something from GD Showcase?! I know ATi Mobility and nVidia do, but will Intel? I'm afraid that even the most simple 3D game will just refuse to run on an Intel shit. Is it true?! Please!
  11. Huffer

    What makes a good programmer

    Love and hard work.
  12. Huffer

    What anyone can do in just a few hours

    Impressive, really. Amazing job. But a "month" is a relative term. You can spend 1 hour in a month, or you can learn/program etc. everyday for 10 hours. I don't think it's, like, impossible to do that in a month. If you take all the time you have + already have at least basic knowledge of programming (without any particular language) you can do it. Still, it's impressive! Congrats!
  13. Huffer

    I need help...

    First of all, C++ is a perfetly good first language. Don't let anyone tell you it's unsuatble (sp) for beginners. Just pick up a good book: Beginning C++ Game Programming. Amazing book, easy to understand, awesome games and loads of knowledge after you're done. Then just take SDL/Allegro or something and start writing your game :) Good luck!
  14. So you're saying starting with OpenGL is totally fine? Cause I've heard 3D stuff is nasty and very difficult. The whole theory and stuff. So I thought it'd be too much for me. But I guess I could try anyway...
  15. Huffer

    Classes In C++?

    OOP, or "classes", as you call it, is not difficult at all. It's actually the first thing I understood about programming. Just find a good general OOP explanation (not C++, just a general one) and read it. It makes sense.
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