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  1. I'm having a few problems sorting strings. Basically I want to sort data 'naturally'. At the moment I am getting output along the lines of: 1 name 10 name 11 name 2 name 21 name 3 name instead of: 1 name 2 name 3 name 10 name 11 name 21 name To cut a long explanation short, the string is created from adding both an integer value (game score) and a string value (player name) to a text file. This text file is then accessed and the contents are added to a vector and sorted (this is the basis of my 'high scores' code which I had previously thought was working properly. doh) The simplest way around this that I can think of at present is to somehow convert or format the integers from, say 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 21 to 01, 02, 03, 10, 11, 21. How would I go about doing this?
  2. Feeling old

    That is awsome advice Anonymous Poster, thanks. I was actually thinking about looking into some old/unfashionable languages for that same reason -ie the young 'uns wouldn't want to do it. That would certainly be a foot in the door if not a decent career in itself. Can you give me more information on the sort of high level/mainframe stuff should I look into? Does that company have offices in the UK? You certainly got my attention now...
  3. text based C++ game

    Well I got the high scores thing working. Took a while to find the reverse_iterator algorithm so I could list them with highest at the top (scores are sent to a text file along with player names, they are then imported & sorted in a vector). Works pretty well so far -just need to stop it from listing more than, say, 5 top scores (lists all of them at the moment). I also got the colour code working too. This has transformed the game & prevented things from getting too cluttered on screen. Is there a simple command to clear the screen? I have created a help command which brings up some instructions. It would be nice if I could get this to come up in a fresh window (same with the high scores too) rather than having to have something like cout << "\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n...etc" to clear the previous text from the screen. Just looks a bit messy & amaturish. Also, is there a way to create a whole directory through the game code rather than just a text file. Seems pretty messy to have the game create a text file on someone's c: drive. I would prefer it if it created a directory with the name of the game and then create and place the scores text file inside that. so far I have used this sort of thing to create the text file: ofstream myFile("D:/Dev-Cpp/Nicks Progs/Nicks Experiments/Text File Experiments/Dungeon Escape/out.txt",ios::app); I will post a link to the game download when I have tidied up a few things. Would be great to get some feedback from you people. Don't ask me for the source code though, I'd feel kinda embarrassed by it -looks more like basic than C++ code right now!!
  4. Feeling old

    I wish I'd done the military thing while I still had the chance -sadly I was just outside the upper age limit when I began to think seriously about joining up. That's got to be a good advantage to have on your CV. Employers seem to like to hire ex-forces personnel presumably because of self-discipline etc. When you went into programming were you 31 when you started studying or when you landed your first job? The earliest I could possibly graduate would be 40 I reckon. I like to think my life experiences/maturity would give me some kind of edge in the selection process but then again, I suppose it would depend a lot on the age groups of the rest of the team. I think my age would be more of a problem for games programming but I shall just have to suck it & see...
  5. text based C++ game

    That's just the sort of code I'm after invisal. Effective yet still simple enough for me to understand (mostly lol) Thanks!! :)
  6. text based C++ game

    Well I've just about finished my text based D&D game. It's only a little game (8 x 5 map) but it's got some cool stuff in it such as keys to find to get through various locked doors, weapon/item pickups and monsters of variable strengths etc Couple of daft/naive questions for you though: 1. The game itself runs in a console window. This is fine -wouldn't need anything else just yet considering I'm only halfway through Michael Dawson's Beginning C++ Game Programming. This window though, is it a standard size? The only reason I ask is that I've spent some time formatting the game dialogue so it fits nicely in my console window. Will it run just the same on anyone elses computer? 2. My game has been created so far using just one file -the cpp source file. Is there any (reasonably simple) way to make it so that the program can store high scores? All I have at present as you can probably imagine is just 1 single exe file. Would I need to create some kind of game directory with more files in it in order to store things like high scores? If this is way too advanced for me then it's not a problem. Just thought it would be cool. 3. What about adding a simple looping midi tune to the game and maybe a couple of sound effects to add some atmosphere? Is this something that would be straightforward to add or would you say this is a bit too advanced for me just yet? I don't want to run before I can walk.
  7. Feeling old

    Some great responses here people. Thanks :D I definitely want to do this programming thing and turn it into a career so I will give it my best shot. If it doesn't happen then at least I will have a great hobby, but I shall give it a proper go and see what happens. I shall try to get onto a degree level course no matter what happens, although I doubt very much I will be able to do one part time -let alone fulltime. It will have to be a modular distance learning degree. In the meantime I shall continue working my way through C++ books & tutorials as I would want to have as a reasonable foundation in at least one programming language before undertaking any coursework. I'd hate to feel I was at the bottom of the class as well as being twice the age of my fellow students! Quote: chSkiz: You aren't old until you replace your dreams with regrets hehe I've been doing plenty of the regret thing lately (wish I'd stuck with the programming all those years ago, wish I'd not done my 1st degree with no goal in mind other than to get drunk in the students union etc) but I think that's to be expected when life's doors start to close on you... Anyway thanks again people, you have given me some cause for optimism plus some useful home truths/reality to consider as well.
  8. Feeling old

    Quote:[i] I would be interested to know if anyone actually got anything out of those stupid computeach people I see advertised on TV. Those adverts really irritate me. There are plenty of opinions on Computeach on the net. Many of them bad but perhaps not all are totally justified. I have had 1st hand experience of them (that's where I learnt Pascal from) and while I am the first to admit that I didn't put in the required effort at that time of my life, I would say that in my opinion they are very badly organised and to take what they say with a pinch of salt. They are a business and they exist for only one reason -to sell their courses. Well I reckon the only way forward for me is to do a degree in computer science. I shall have to do that via a correspondence/distant learning course. I like the look of the Open University degrees as they are modular and from what I have read on their site it looks like you can fund it on a module by module basis (each module seems to cost approx £300 from memory). It also appears that I won't get anywhere unless I can get my foot in the door and sooner rather than later. Would a job on an IT helpdesk be one way to achieve this? That's if I can find a company willing to hire me with no qualifications yet. I suspect I would need something like A+ to land a job in technical support. Keep the replies coming people, it is very much appreciated -especially from those of you involved in the hiring side of IT.
  9. Feeling old

    Great, thanks for the encouraging replies :D I'm halfway through writing a text based mini dungeons & dragons game in C++ at the moment. It only began as a brief experiment to see if I could use a multidimensional array to represent a map (always wanted to do one of those games back in the old commodore days but simply didn't know how to). It's going surprisingly well too which is good. I can see I'm going to have to brush up on my maths though. It's already getting confusing enough and I'm only working with simple stuff like odds dependant on shields, weapons & monster strength etc. Is there anyone out there who has had experience with Open University (or similar) computing courses? I feel I ought to try to do a part time degree at least if I'm going to make a serious go of this as a career.
  10. Feeling old

    Hi everyone :) At 36 years of age and with no related qualifications, am I too old to get into programming as a new career? Brief background: taught myself basic on Commodore vic20 when I was about 12, loved it and spent 2 - 3 years writing games etc but couldn't afford to keep up with technology (how I wished for a Commodore 64 lol). I got back into computers about 8 years ago and taught myself Pascal as part of a correspondence course in C++. Sadly, I never completed the course due to my 'discovery' of the internet & online gaming! (pretty sure I have got over that addiction now...) I am just starting to teach myself C++ (currently working my way through "Beginning C++ Game Programming" by Michael Dawson. I then plan to start working through "Beginning Game Programming" by Michael Morrison. I would like to do a Computer Science degree (once I feel comfortable with C++ as a starting point at least) but I've got a family now plus I've already used up my higher education funding 12 years ago on an unrelated degree course so I will probably have to settle for some kind of correspondence course along the lines of The Open University etc. I realise I am probably way too old to join the games industry but I would love to get into any sort of coding as a profession. What are my chances at this stage of my life and what would any of you suggest? Could I expect to be earning a reasonable salary by the age of 45 if I get my ass in gear now? Would employers prefer some young whizzkid? Should I just stick to plan B and enjoy coding as a hobby instead? (Plan B is to become a plasterer or something lol) Any thoughts & views would be most welcome.
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