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  1. Does the MB listed support 6300 series CPU's? The specs state 6100....
  2. I've been looking to cross this bridge as well. Previously all my projects have had the "object draws itself" method implemented and ive been trying to get my head wrapped around a way to get out of that into something more flexible.   I get the basic concepts but when you throw in shaders (which i have little/no experience with) I'm at a loss as how to structure things.
  3. Megahertz

    Am i too young ?

    I started when I was 12. So no. =)
  4. Do you need tens of millions of dollars in assets and hire a ton of people to make a MMORPG? No..   Every time somebody says they want to make an MMORPG, it always gets assumed that they are trying to create something bigger and better than World of Warcraft, or whatever happens to be the most popular MMO at the time.   Even if that was the goal, how do you solicit funding without some sort of proof of concept or technology demo?   It's entirely possible for one person to create a framework that would allow for the basic operation of a MMO type game.
  5. Megahertz

    Game Engine Design

    I really hate this answer for a number of reasons.   Yes if the goal is just to make the next uber engine with no basis of a game behind it then sure, it's a valid response. However, generally people have some sort of idea in their head about what kinda game they're trying to make or what they would like to see their project do.   Even if its not a game, it still requires some sort of framework with all the necessary components to support whatever idea it is they have in their head. Renderer, scene management, loading of assets from disk. application state management, etc.. etc..   For me, what I'm working on is a terrain "engine" (I use that term very loosely) that supports paging terrain assets in and out of memory based on distance from the player. I've mostly worked out how Im going to do the management of all that and have most of the frame work up and running. I have no current plans of making a game out of this as this would require more time than I as a single person can contribute, for now... Eventually that may change once I've gotten this project to a certain point and its functional.   If you'd like, I could say I'm making a game where the goal is the player has a rock that they're pushing around the terrain to try and drop it in a hole in the ground. It doesn't really change the required framework of code needed to achieve the above.   I hear the message in the article and the whole "make a game, not an engine" thing, i really do. It makes sense from the standpoint of senselessly creating an engine that  just supports random features that the game may or may not use. Yes, that is wasted time, lacking in direction and just firing aimlessly in the dark. But I don't think that 90% of the people that ask this type of question, not have some sort of game in mind when they ask it. I'm sure they have a vision, it's likely what drove them to be interested in programming in the first place.
  6. Megahertz

    Deferred rendering issue

    Whats the near and far clip set to?
  7. GL_LINE has always been slower than GL_FILL from my experience. I dont think there's a way to speed it up.
  8. I've been giving this problem some thought over the past day or so and here's what has been on my mind.   Let's take the simplest example, a cube.   First you need to determine a point that is outside the object. You need to have some sort of reference/view point.The easiest way would be to pick a point that is some large distance away from the object so that it pretty much guarantees the point is outside.   Next calculate the normal for a triangle/face of the cube and calculate the dot product of this normal vector with the one formed by the view point and a point on the face of the cube to determine which way the triangle/face is facing.   The problem is that the winding order matters in that you could be comparing a back face of the cube and the dot product result would indicate that its a front facing surface.   I guess you would need to calculate the closest intersection point between the way-off-in-the-distance point and the faces of the cube. The closest intersection point would indicate that you have found a surface that is facing "outward" towards the view point. (You could only do this for objects that are closed)   From here you could use the result of the dot product to make a determination as to the winding order of the verts.   Thoughts?
  9. Is the object guaranteed to be closed? Convex or not.
  10. Megahertz

    Program won't show picture OR stop when told

    Just curious. Did you try stepping through the program with the debugger?   I guess I'm assuming windows and Visual Studio..
  11. Megahertz

    Strange IP address hitting my website

    Brute force scanning is also likely as well.
  12. Megahertz

    Collision in walls - SFML

    Collision detetion is fairly easy and straight forward. It's what to do after you've detected a collision thats the hard part.   The following link is not meant to solve your issues however it should give you a good deal of insight as to how to go about things. It was written with 3D in mind and quite honestly never quite worked right due to floating point errors (maybe later fixed?) however I think it's still worth reading.   As the article is 3D oriented, it can certainly be "dumbed down" for 2D as the principles still apply.   Hope this helps.
  13. Megahertz

    Routing packets to the right client.

    Wow, old thread indeed! =) Yeah I havent done programming in a number of years. But i think back when I was working on this I had tried to use the .ptr member to do just this. I really dont recall if I ever actually got it implemented.
  14. Megahertz

    Drop list GUI problem

    Have you tried setting a break point and stepping through the code? If you can understand where the logic is going bad, you can then figure out how to fix it. =)
  15. Megahertz

    Is Raknet trustable?

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