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  1. I could write a 100 page thread on factual errors, contradictions, ect. in the bible. But I will just list my favorite. Disproving the bible is one of my favorite hobbies. Adam and Eve where the first humans. We all came from Adam and Eve. This means we are all inbred and every girl alive is actually your sister or cousin. How did adam and eve's children reproduce without incest?
  2. How to begin with Java?

    Quote:Original post by the_true_shinobi Well seems java is highly portable and has okish performance but we all know im not gonna make the next halo on it so XD These days java will outperform C++ and even assembly becuase it is JIT compiled and gets more cache hits. Java is JIT compiled to it's most efficient possible binary on the specific machine it's being run on. You can't do that with outdated compilied languages like C++.
  3. Money of Open Source

    Open source is communism. If you support open source, your a communist whether you realize it or not.
  4. The C++ manifesto

    C++ used to be king. Now it gets outperformed by visual basic and java in benchmark tests (of course C++ zealots will cite 2 second bench mark tests to flaunt the initial JIT delay forgetting the fact people play video games for HOURS so the inital few seconds of compiling are irrelevant). The world has finally discovered JIT has advantages over old fashioned compiled languages. The program can be optimized for the specific computer it's being compiled on, thus increasing cache hits. This can dramatically outperform the old fashioned C++ model of distributing the binary code. Another point is that you only have to JIT compile once!!! Then you have the binary code forever and whenever you run the program in the future it will already be compiled and optimized for your machine. You may spend months running a program. That extra 2 seconds of JIT delay when you first ran your program several years ago were well worth it. The only counter religious C++ bigots can come up with is bench mark tests that last just a few seconds giving the JIT no time to show it's benefits over the long run.
  5. Help on choosing a language

    To be honest, C++ is dying. It's only used in niche markets like game programming and even that is slowly starting to change. C# will often outperform C++ becuase it is JIT compiled. At first glance it may seem that JIT is bad since it takes a second or 2 to compile the program when the user wants to run it. But the compiler is able to optimize it for that specific computer that it's compiling on. You will have more cache hits which means much better performance. You can't do that with a purely compiled language. And once it's compiled, it's no longer C++ vs C#. It's machine lanague vs machine language which is a tie.
  6. Quote:Original post by jason02 If you dont have any experience in IT i think itll be good for you to come. This sounds like magic beans.
  7. Is it just me or has common sense gone out the window? 18,000 for a training course? Here is my guess of how this works.... This is just a way for employers to hire people without having to spend out money advertising on monster, papers, etc. SetFocus probalby pays the companies to hire their own students. That's why the tuition is so high. So basically your paying money to cover what the companies themselves would norally spend advertising for positions. Except you pay way way more than what advertising costs because you need to pay setFocus as well. Now it's great that your getting hooked up with jobs. And they are making a good choice to go with .NET. But it seems a little akward to have to pay a toll to get into a job.
  8. any girls here?

    I need a girl friend that is a hacker. I'm a little chubby but not fat. I like to play video games and watch TV. I'm still learning how to program so I'm not a real hacker yet. Please reply if your interested. I want to keep this an online relationship so we can develop a bond first. I don't think it's a good idea to make first impressions based on looks.
  9. ty. I have found another solution too but it's only for ASP 2.0 using alidation groups.
  10. Let's say we have some text boxes with validators (ASP.NET). We have a submit button, and a clear button that will clear all the text boxes. The validators will prevent the Submit button from being clicked if the text boxes aren't properly filled out. That is good. But they also prevent the Clear button from being clicked. That is bad. Is there a way to make the Clear button clickable even if there are validators on the screen?
  11. And forget "Engineer" as a legal title or some such. Just think of it as a verb that anyone including janitors can do.
  12. I just quickly skimmed a few posts, so i may be reapeating things. Here is software engineering in a nutshell. Atomic design. Seperate everything and anything into it's own part. Don't mix apple's and oarnges. That will carry you through database design, objected oriented programming, and even physical engineering.
  13. [web] Is XML any good?

    HTML is for visual display of web pages. XML is generally for formatting data, not visual display(but it can be).
  14. I'm totally ignorant on European currency. How much is £50++?
  15. I've downloaded #develop. I think i'll just stick with that.