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  1. Nanook

    Not motivated at all

    Do you have another hobby than coding? I used to code 16 hours a day.. first at work then when I got home.. I ended up getting burned out.. Then I bought a sailboat that I am refurbishing.. after not coding for a while I started getting back the interest for it.. get a hobby before you get burned out for real.. :)
  2. Nanook

    What Do You Think Of Micro Apartments ?

    Well.. This is my home :)  
  3. Nanook

    Making games when one is unwell

    Once you are out of the hole you're inn I am sure you will make some great stuff.. true artists are all a little messed up ;)
  4. Nanook

    End of year gas bagging

    I was gonna say the same as MARS_999. Really inspiring   And I love the dude on the raft :)
  5. Great article! You mentioned the fast delegates, is there a way to use them togheter with boost thread and the asio io_service? I've been trying to mess around with the last exapmle on the 4th page.. but none of the 3 fast delegate implementations seem to be able to bind like boost does so I'm not able to supply arguments when I post or dispatch jobs.. I'm able to use the fast delegates if I use the one that doesnt have arguments though..
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