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    Basis for Story (Snow): Critique wanted

    "Why does he want to kill them all? If he hates the hedonism of his homeland I get that, but when does he learn about the nomads? Is he trying to save (some/most)them by making them fight, or does he really want them all to die? Or does he want to break the world down enough so it has a chance to start over?" This gets me too. I've essentially created a villain as the Main Character. My plan for how this will play out is fluid at this point. Currently I'm leaning toward the idea that he honestly sees the people as toys. This character isn't really a "good guy." That might make some players uncomfortable, but I think it gives a perfect perspective. Going between the two civilizations, the player should begin to see the attributes that I outlined in the story (since they obviously won't be reading it, those things will become apparent during play). I want to develop the game in such a way that when the player begins understanding the natures of the two civilizations, the next steps will become clear. As pointed out by sunandshadow, I need to revise my descriptions of the civilizations. Zandor6017, you seemed to really pick up on what I'm going for. I just need to make sure that since I've put "human nature" under the microscope, I'm giving an accurate representation.
  2. crazyishone

    Basis for Story (Snow): Critique wanted

    Thanks for your reply. :) "Isn't being noble and wise contradictory with being confused and lashing out violently?" Eh, true. I am trying to show the contradictory nature of humans: for example, a person can be a "terrorist" or a "freedom fighter," a psychopath or a loyal lover. Perhaps I've missed the mark here. On the note of the superficial intelligence: this is something I see all over the place. There are plenty of well-educated and successful people who couldn't provide insight concerning something they weren't taught. With these things in mind, I suppose I'll have to rework this all a bit. :-/
  3. I wrote this the other day in order to get a clear picture of the story I want to go with. I'm looking for both positive and negative criticism of the story idea, not my writing. I have left the setting and names out, as these are still to be determined. From here I'll get that done and then come up with exactly how it all plays out. As for now, I'd just like to know what you guys think. :) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Title: Snow Setting the Stage: {{Snowy environment, of course.}} There are two civilizations , too different to coexist happily. One is viewed as "barbaric," though they are truly noble and wise. They are great explorers, and have an understanding of the scope of their world. These war-like and nomadic people have ventured to the farthest reaches of their world. As a whole, the people cling to their old gods, the only purpose in life being a glorious death. Unfortunately, this has produced an underlying sense of nihilism. Rather than try to advance themselves, they feel that they have seen all that there is to see. As individuals, they are unsure of everything. Life holds little meaning, their religious beliefs are hollow. Religion holds them back, primal urges are all that is left to compel them. They are confused, lost, and lashing out violently. Returning to an old temporary settlement, they stumble upon the newcomers. The other civilization has just been discovered by the [[group mentioned above]]. Exiled from their homeland for delving into forbidden studies, this group is proud and stubborn. They have quickly developed in their new home, building up a grand city. Their arrogance has led them to the belief that they are omnipotent. Their intelligence and technological prowess is clear, but ultimately superficial. Their city is a spectacle of self-love and debauchery. Hedonism describes more than just their lifestyle: it is reflected in their admittedly beautiful architecture and brilliant advancements that seem to revolve around pleasure and convenience. They have great knowledge, but a dangerous lack of understanding. Roughly 10 years after establishing their civilization, research outposts start dropping out of contact. Scouts sent to investigate these events never return. Residents of the outskirts begin flocking to the city. Tales surface of phantoms, undying fire, and horrific beasts. These horror stories are told in hushed whispers. There is an atmosphere of tension; the people don't know what to believe. The [[first group]] is outraged by the [[second group's]] intrusion on what they consider to be their land. [[second group]] is terrified and paranoid. As is expected of those who love themselves more than anything else, they are on the brink of destroying everything that might potentially harm them, friend or foe. The [[first group]] will either relinquish the land and set sail, or allow their anger to compel them to fight. If they turn away, the [[second group]] will eventually self-destruct, the result of mass hysteria and paranoia. If the [[first group]] attacks, the [[second group]] will have a tangible enemy to focus on, producing a sense of unity and optimism. Unfortunately, they are not experienced in warfare, have a limited population, and only one city to defend themselves in. No matter what happens, blood will be shed. :::::::::::THE CHARACTER:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: He left the homeland of [[group two]] decades before, seeking "enlightenment" and greater knowledge. He was a brilliant man, well educated... but he seemed to have learned all that he could learn. He had become disenchanted with the life laid out before him, despising the idea of living only for possessions and dissatisfied with his peers. Above all, he became disgusted with the complacent ignorance of the people around him. Setting out on a journey with no destination, he eventually ended up staying at a tavern in a small village, working for the owner. Angry at himself for essentially getting nowhere, he struggled to care about anything at all. But, working at the Tavern afforded him interesting opportunities. He dealt with people all the time, and soon learned how to make people trust him and tell him their secrets. He felt powerful, for the first time in his life. He quickly developed a skill for manipulating people, figuring out many methods of dominance and suggestion. One busy night, he decided to try something he'd been pondering for a few weeks. He found a suitable target and talked to him for a few minutes. Following this conversation, the man got up, smashed his bottle, and began wildly slashing at a nearby patron. Within seconds, he had been tackled and dragged out into the square. All the while, he was screaming "TRAITOR!!" at the very top of his lungs. Our main character felt a surge of adrenaline: he had caused quite the stir... {Decades Later} He had left the tavern the next morning. For years, he traveled around the world, amassing unrivaled knowledge. Everything from the latest in medicine, to the most ancient and darkest secrets of the occult. He had moved far beyond the mental tricks he learned in the tavern. Eventually, he could only see people as pawns in his twisted games. How could he love? How could he feel compassion? He could not. Irritated by everyone around him, viewing them as inferiors, he set off for the most remote place he could find. This took him to the setting of the game, living in a small complex. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::PLOT::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The character knows of the imminent conflict. He sees it as a great opportunity to employ all of his knowledge, test everything he has been developing, and the greatest challenge he will ever face. He will get the civilizations to destroy each other.
  4. crazyishone

    Criticism Wanted

    Hey, that was probably the most help I've gotten on this thread, and from the person who had the most to criticize. :-p Thank you very much, you've really given me some more direction for my research.
  5. crazyishone

    Criticism Wanted

    "- when science advanced in strides And so gentlemen, I present to you my idea. ;) Thank you Borkhan for your extensive and honest help.
  6. crazyishone

    Criticism Wanted

    Thanks for the suggestion das otto, but I'd like to program it. Pluvious: Thanks for the support. Borkhan: Heh, yeah you bring up good points. Don't worry, I'm doing my research. I wrote the original post to give people the general idea of the game. As I'm shooting for authenticity, I'm not going to just make stuff up and call it factual history. I've decided that the story will take place around 1610. Anatomy was being poked into by various alchemists at the time, but human anatomy was still considered a taboo subject. That is why "john" isn't having a good time: society is, for the most part, opposed to him. 1610 is also shortly before the birth of Isaac Newton, who played perhaps the greatest roll in the emergence of physics. Now, in the game everything before and during 1610 must be accurate. Anything after, I can rewrite. Who is to say "John" doesn't ponder the falling of the apple? (Of course I won't use this, just making a point.) "the further concept is the run of the mill, seen too many times. i cannot imagine any special interest in playing such a game" I'm not sure what you're talking about here, but you are probably right. The game is not intended to be "fun" in the traditional sense. Intellectually challenging is the goal. "it is narrativelly illogical to be able to study revolutionary things, while on the run. it takes time, man" Well it won't be written like 'you should pay attention to what the old man says... it might be REVOLUTIONARY!" Many of the things the character will come across were considered revolutionary. For example, many people and esteemed "authorities" were not comfortable with the heliocentric theory. Regarding the pace of the game, the player will have to combine some outside knowledge with their knowledge of the game's context and things "learned" in the game. It will be a linear story, not usually more than one way to solve a problem. No replay value, but I'm not making an RPG so that is fine with me. "1. not sorcery and witchcraft both, witchcraft only. check history of witchcraft 2. not Roman Catholic Church but Inquisition and secular authority - check again" He is accused of witchcraft and sorcery. That doesn't mean they are the same, nor does it mean he is actually a witch or sorcerer. This is just the public view. Thank you for the negative criticism though, I actually do appreciate it. It helps me fine tune the concept. I am especially appreciative of the reminder that the "Inquisition" and similar things were not confined to the Roman Catholic church. I was brainwashed at a younger age and am just now starting to get rid of the old crap. ;) [Edited by - crazyishone on December 5, 2006 8:03:41 PM]
  7. crazyishone

    Hi, I'm New

    Hello. Good to hear you agree with me on "game programming languages" ;). You will probably have people tell you to learn to program or complete a game alone before trying to form a team. I'm here to tell you not to listen. Sure, they're right.Even if you fail, learning "the hard way" is great as long as you have time. Nothing like real experience, right?
  8. crazyishone

    Tasty Planet: Eat Everything in the World

    Clone or not, the game seems very well made. Definitely worth the money from the looks of it.
  9. crazyishone

    posting games

    You can get the file hosted somewhere and link people to it. Ask them to comment in the thread. I don't know about everyone else of course, but I usually read all the "clone" and "my first game" threads, and often download and try out the game. (If it has decent art. I'm shallow.)
  10. crazyishone

    N00B looking for a little Help...

    Well if you have a bookstore nearby, you should pick up any of the books on "Game Design". While you do need to know how to program, that is only one part of making a game. Knowing the alphabet and grammar rules doesn't make you an author, right? The part I think most people struggle with (at least me anyway) is "game logic". I used to think games were just a bunch of conditional statements. As I get deeper into things, I realize that almost everything can be confusing. A "simple inventory" can be a pain if you've never done it before. All of that to say again, find a book or tutorial that encompasses "game design" as a whole. Knowing the alphabet and grammar rules doesn't make you an author, right? This may seem ridiculous, but I learned a bit about how games "work" by using GameMaker for a while. "Ultimate Game Design: Building Game Worlds" is the book I bought. I don't really have any to compare it to, so I can't say "its the best," but I learned from it.
  11. crazyishone

    Nastyroids 3D v1.1

    One of the best looking asteroids clones I've played. Good job!
  12. crazyishone

    Oh crap, here come the cells!

    I played through it this morning, and it was awesome. At first I thought it would be boring, then I realized the terrain was destructible. Somehow it just became very enjoyable from there. There was really only one problem for me. After the boss fight (which was great), I felt like the rest of the game had been insignificant. I'd play it again, so you've definitely accomplished your goal. Great "coffee break" game.
  13. crazyishone

    Criticism Wanted

    Well so far I've gotten only good feedback, so I think I'll proceed to actually make the game. Wish me luck. >Looking around the room, you see a noob >Inspect Noob >This noob is fears the mountain of challenges ahead of him. How pathetic. Haha :-p
  14. crazyishone

    Criticism Wanted

    Yeah, thats a good idea. I'm going to attempt to make the challenge lie in figuring out the puzzle or problem, not using the right syntax or action.
  15. crazyishone

    Criticism Wanted

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't think I'll be employing any voice-recognition in the design because frankly I'd like to finish this project. :-p I'm aware of my skills and lack thereof, and at this time I think I need to keep my game within the realm of "fairly easy to do".
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