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  1. List of free libraries

    Elf2D http://code.google.com/p/elf2d/ Open-source framework for 2D games with simplicity in mind - aimed at beginners! It doesn't try to provide support for hundreds of file formats or wrap high level functionality for you, instead it gives you a very easy API for the most common functionality (video, audio, input, even networking). Currently work in progress, but stable enough to use in small games.
  2. Bone alignment

    You can probably find the landscape's normal vector at the point where actor is standing and rotate the actor accordingly.
  3. collision detection in 2D game in C#

    You probably want pixel-perfect collisions. Try this: http://www.codeproject.com/cs/media/collision3.asp
  4. How do i do this?

    Quote: this->FrameMap[ a ] = (int *)atoi(xAnimationFrame->GetText()); this is incorrect. atoi returns you an integer on stack and you reinterpret it as an address. if you want a pointer to it, you have to store the result (or use map<string,int>) i suggest you learn a bit more about C pointers.
  5. Class instance in member function

    Yes, use the 'this' keyword. It refers to the current class.
  6. How do i do this?

    You should convert your text to an integer. Try 'atoi' function.
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