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  1. AngularJS is designed for html rendering and not fast pace real time rendering. I think it is good for tile based mapping (non canvas), it will work for turn based games that doesn't require real time drawing for the graphics. I was wondering how heavy it can handle.
  2. Thanks. It seems like it is only good enough for very simple turn based games because of performance reason though. I wonder if anyone actually try to build one and overcome with the performance issue.
  3. I have been using it at work for web development for some months and I love it! I am thinking about writing a 2D map editor using AngularJS in order to learn more of it. Do you think AngularJS is a good platform to build a turn based game?   By the way, it seems like you are missing some css files in the download. Nice article!
  4. GPL exceptions pricing

    Since this is a new topic following up from my previous question regarding selling my GPL licensed open source project with GPL exceptions, I am opening this new thread for my new question. Can anyone share your opinions on how you evaluate the pricing for your products? Thanks. Original thread: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/622508-question-about-gnu-license/
  5. Question about GNU license

    [quote name='Stormynature' timestamp='1332951611' post='4926026'] Use Frob's advice below +1 [/quote] I will post a new thread. Thanks.
  6. Question about GNU license

    I was thinking to price it a few hundreds, so hiring lawyer might end up spending more money than actually earning it. Can anyone sell GPL exceptions before share their opinions on how they price their products?
  7. Question about GNU license

    Any suggestion how to price it?
  8. Question about GNU license

    Thanks both of you for the explanations. So, I guess I will just negotiate with the company about selling them the source codes with GPL exceptions. Thanks again!
  9. Question about GNU license

    It is my personal project and the codes were written just by me. Although there were some volunteers testers and documentation writers that helped me on the project. So does it make anything different?
  10. Question about GNU license

    Just to be clear... so I can still continue to distribute my source codes under the same GPL license and just sell the company the source codes under a different license which they will be free to do anything they want to the source codes and do not need to distribute it? Thanks.
  11. Question about GNU license

    Thanks for your reply. I am wondering if there is anything I need to do, like signing contract etc.?
  12. Question about GNU license

  13. I am getting an offer from a company requesting to purchase the copyright to use the source codes of my open source level editor under the GNU license for their commercial product, which they will not be distributing their source codes under the same GNU license. I am not sure how it works since this is the first time I am getting this kind of offer. Anyone know if I can sell my GNU licensed source codes with copyright exception to this company? Any info will be helpful. Thanks.
  14. Good for you. Sometimes it is better to take a rest when you cannot solve a problem and come back after taking a break. Good luck with your project!