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  1. yaustar

    Finding the right crew to hire

    Because getting experienced people is expensive. I've seen the same situation a few times where a company hires 'cheap' labour only to end up paying much more than expected when they don't deliver and have to hire the people they should have hired in the first place to finish the project. Also getting someone to agree to a fixed project with no hard deadline and project scope will be incredibly difficult.
  2. yaustar

    On Location Interview

    Also prepare some questions for them in advance (I usually write them down so I don't forget after X hours of interviews). Some good example ones can be found here: https://medium.freecodecamp.com/how-to-interview-as-a-developer-candidate-b666734f12dd
  3. Usually not giving feedback ensures that the candidate can't call for discrimination or try to prove he/she actually does the knowledge/experience. It's similar to the line in regards to references where employees are asked to only to give the dates of when the candidate was at the company. In regards to the question, I don't see it as a deal breaker unless a lot of the work is based around the knowledge. I see the question (at least at face value) as part of a larger of group of question of seeing what knowledge the candidate as a whole.
  4. yaustar

    how to do this?

    Looking at the video, the '555 Blinking Led' label that is on the bread board is the image marker and the overlay for the circuit/component models/etc is positioned in relation to that marker. (He mentioned this at 0:34 where the image has to always be in the camera view). Vuforia would be fine to make something like this.
  5. yaustar

    What do you listen to while indie devving?

    https://focusmusic.fm/ is my choice at the moment. I usually swap between this and https://coffitivity.com/ depending on what I'm working on at the time.
  6. I would consider going for one of the Dell 7000 series with the Kaby Lake and Nvidia 1050 over the Acer you have linked above. The 1050 GFX card is considerably more powerful then the 960M. (about 40% according to Userbenchmark). http://www.dell.com/ca/p/inspiron-15-7567-laptop/pd Video review: 
  7. yaustar

    Good keyboard for programming and gaming

    I personally dislike any of the Cherry's quiet tactile switches (Brown, Grey, Clear) as they are quite stiff all the way down to bottom and have a weird 'scratchy' feeling.  At home I have a CODE WASD v2 with Cherry Blues. I really like the switch feedback (both tactilely and audibly) and the build is very solid.  At work (as I'm in an open plan office, the noise of the Blues would drive my co-workers nuts), I use the V80 with Matias Quiet Click. The build quality isn't as good as the CODE WASD but the switches feel much better and quieter than the Cherry Browns. The Matias are a lot smoother than Cherry Browns and have better tactile feedback on the actuation point. They also 'give' once you've hit the actuation point so there's barely any resistance to the bottom which reduces fatigue a bit. Shame the switch and the keycaps are rare on keyboards as I would love to have those switches with the WASD build quality. Do you find the actuation point too deep or when you bottom out the key? If it's the latter, then the I don't think the K70 solves that problem as the bottom out distance is still the same (~4mm).
  8. UK point of view so YMMV.   - The objective at the top is a block of text that is difficult to parse. I completely skipped over it. If you must put something here, keep it short, even down to one sentence. - Core skills, same again. It's a dense block of text that is difficult to parse and I skipped over it. The list is pretty much skills that people will expect you to have for the role and lacks context so I tend to find them a bit pointless. The fact you know English and Chinese is more important then anything listed there. - The undergrad projects get completely lost in the education section and probably deserve their own section with a bit more information as it sounds pretty interesting.   (I will try to review the rest later).
  9. Do you have a portfolio to share (i.e a website, github page, etc)? Are you looking for on site or remote work? Any industry specifically? Games, finance, etc?
  10. yaustar

    what % cut to offer for PR work?

    Do you actually need PR? If not, then offering 'work' like this is more going to be distraction for both you and her as it doesn't look like you have clear goals for her to achieve.   In this scenario, it be best to start asking for advice on how to release and see if there is actually any meaningful work involved for her that you could pay her for.
  11. yaustar

    Working for external development Studios?

    No personal experience to add but there were a few articles on external development studios such as this on Polygon that may give you more of an idea: http://www.polygon.com/2015/9/30/9394355/the-secret-developers-of-the-video-game-industry
  12. yaustar

    Should i buy a Macbook or Windows laptop?

    Do you a link to the course you will be taking and what software you will be using?
  13. yaustar

    How to sell my game

    The mechanics of the game can be patented as long as it doesn't infringe on any existing patent and passes the requirement to registered as one. So if there is innovative mechanic that you have designed and implemented, it's worth considering.   At the moment, slot machine revenue is declining and casinos are looking for alternatives (such as VR arenas, eSports areas, etc), especially in Vegas. Even before then, it was incredibly difficult to get a new game noticed as punters tend to favour certain games even if they are very old.   I don't know what you are pitching whether it is a new type of 'slot machine' game that could have multiple themes or just the single game itself. After protecting the game and the mechanics, it might even be worth turning up at a trade event like G2E to talk to companies directly with a pitch.   The alternative is to make an app out of it. Companies like GameSys tend to do quite well out of it.
  14. Extra friction and when you are one of many applications, it's easier to just reject. Doesn't mean it is right to but that is the way it works.   Are you sure? Was they anything in the CV that they could have rejected you for despite passing the qualifications?   Did they explicitly say 'no cover letters' or did they not just not mention them? 
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