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    The Mystic Quest Series

    I dunno, revolution? It makes me think that you're gonna make something spin. Either that or you're going to make them dance to floating arrows. If you want something to be master of the universe/time, use epoch or something. Or you could just say time or flux.
  2. moogle87

    Revised title: Resonance (was: Alignment)

    Ooh, I have a cool solution for the stacking. Have each diety get stronger for each player on it, but the power needs to be split amont the people under it. Have the player have to sacrifice something to the diety in order to gain "favor" in that diety. The more favor you have in a diety, the more percentage of the power you gain in that diety. There are two ways that this can happen: 1. where all the favor is added together and from that, people get a percentage of the diety's power from how much of the favor they have. The diety would be super powerful by nature. or 2. The one with the highest favor would have full benifits from the diety, and his favor would be considered 100%. People under him would have to divide their favor over his, and get a percent of their own. Like if the highest person had 1000 favor points, and another person had 500 favor points, the other person would recieve 50% of the benefit from the diety. The diety would gain only a small amount of power for each member and wouldn't be extremely powerful from the start. The second one would be interesting.
  3. moogle87

    Preventing kamikaze griefing

    It seems that this game would have an extensive reliance on money. So to fix the kamikaze from happening intentionally, have money awarded for every hit, but award nothing for kamikaze attacks.
  4. moogle87

    moderators in a mmorpg???

    I would like it if the game moderators were more interactive with their community. They would be swallowed alive though in most situations if the game was popular enough.
  5. I dunno about you, but Gunzonline (google it) really gets my adrenalyn pumping at times. It's freaky intense when you meet someone your skill is fighting you one on one when your teams are dead. It gets more so intense when you're the last surviving member and you have to fend of 5 people, and you already got 3 down. This game is skill intensive and has a matrix like system minus the slow motion. If a person is really good, you can hardly keep your screen on them they're moving so fast. Also, there's a matrix online game somewhere out there. Heard about it about a year ago but I have no idea how far it's progressed. They said they would have a slow-mo like thing in the gameplay with it's own special moves and all. I'll google it right now. Ah, it's an actual commercial game. Had no idea. :P
  6. moogle87

    RANT ON!!

    Read them game reviews. That's what they're for. I never liked 3D games cause of this issue, but they're getting slightly better now compared to the N64/PS1 age. That's why I stick to 2D games, where if the controls suck you know that the developers have serious issues.
  7. moogle87

    Structuralist Literary Theory

    I believe that going into the sub-genres of fiction may be a good idea as well. Some people just don't have the right ideas about what Science fiction or fantasy really are. This is just a suggestion and all. I'd be interested in reading a book like this.
  8. moogle87

    I need some help...

    A game about a dream. Nothing seems to make much sense and there's always a surreal feel to the atmosphere. There are things you normally see but they act differently than they usually do. Pulling it off would be hard but if done well, it should be a work of art. Or how about an RPGish like game with a huge focus on a guard system? Like the ability to block, parry, counter, dodge and such. It could be about a swordsman who feels that he needs to handicap himself to using a small dagger to improve his skill or a holy knight that never attacks unless provoked. Their attack strength and defense should be total crap unless it is a counter canceled from a dodge or parry.
  9. moogle87

    whats your fav story?

    Live-a-Live by squaresoft back in the day when it still was squaresoft. The multiple scenarios really hooked me. Chrono trigger, the lunar series, FF6, Mario Rpg, and Bahamut Lagoon. Those had good stories.
  10. moogle87


    Well, there is so much you can do for the game. I believe what makes MMORPG's interesting is the people you meet along the way. If the people are f*cktards, I probably wouldn't stay long. I like it best when it's easy to locate other people and just as easily sit around and talk to them. Games without this aspect always needs a gimmick to capture me, but I still just dump it.
  11. moogle87

    Micro-Soldiers (Theoretical, Rate-My-Idea)

    I heard that the Army men series sucked. Poor quality and such. Will this be a RTS or a FPS? I vote for FPS, or third person and the ability to switch between your toys. That's an idea, you can move only one toy at a time, just like a kid playing with them. One kid versus another. Seems fun, having to worry about the toys that aren't moving at the moment cause they're just sitting ducks while you're not controlling them.
  12. moogle87

    Revised title: Resonance (was: Alignment)

    Cool concept :D But you said that if there are more people on one deity, the population under that diety gets stronger? Wouldn't that mean that everyone will try to stack on that particular deity for the sake of raw power? I also like that "fire sword and Fred" system by Dredd. It seems hard but interesting. They do need RPG games out there where you can evolve your character between leveling.
  13. moogle87

    New Writer

    I'm sure actually reading what he wrote as a story would be a different experience to this explaination. His plot is solid but he doesn't give us much to criticize. Give us something that you think needs a little work.
  14. Ok, I've written a story on a MMORPG I play. I could probably cut that MMORPG world out of my story if I wanted but it would lose some novelty. Anyway, I can't help but thinking that it could be a nice RPG. I want to throw the story out here to see what you people think. I would post it but it's about 50 pages typed right now. That and I don't have a copy with me. Plot: -the end kinda needs work- The story starts out with the main character gaining awareness. All he remembers are things that were included to help noobies get used to the interface in the MMORPG, so he has memories of retrieving stuff, eating an apple, walking and climbing. Throughout all of this, a girl was by his side, also starting out and as dazed as he is. The guy's name is Shinji and the girl's name is Kohaku. They explore the land together. They figure that they should stick together. This is where I figure I can have easy battles for people to learn the system. Skipping ahead, they head to the non-noobie island and gain job classes. They meet two more characters, Hibiki and Fio. They meet others but this is mainly it. They fight monster after monster and quickly gain a name for themselves. I have some filler around here but ultimately they're called to slay a monster of extreme power or whatever. Course, they kill it. Here, there's a plot on where a group called the "administrators" use the leftovers of balrog for spell caponents to make items that grant themselves god-like powers. It kinda continues on like this, fighting enemy after enemy. Throughout all of this, Shinji keeps having dreams of this island, like a previous life. He slowly remembers what he did and goes off alone while everyone else goes off for the next monster. Shinji realises this world is a fantasy, or a fake world. He finds the creator of the island and destroys him in a final battle. Characters -I pride myself in their development- Shinji is a swordsman. He learns to charge his sword with elements in the first serious boss fight. He feels kinda useless for a while because at first Hibiki's skills were greater than his. He has dreams of a previous adventure he had on this island and encounters faces he once knew, but they're a shell from what they once were. Shinji struggles with the meaning of being a hero, he sees how some of his righteous actions makes some others suffer. He seems very unlucky at the beginning. He can charge an element into his sword and use spells according to which element he called for. Kohaku is a rogue. She learns how to use the dagger. Any luck that would've gone to Shinji, it's gone to her. She is a shy individual but opens up easily. Npc's tend to think she's cute. She's the last to find an element, but the spirit of pheonix chose her. She struggles between the concept of being a rogue of how they're supposed to utulise the darkness. She has the element of fire and Holy on her. She's a default healer of the game though there are ways any of the others can learn to heal. Hibiki is a swordswomen. She's the calm type usually but she cracks jokes once in a while with a deadpan expression. Hibiki is blessed with the element of wind. Fio is an archer, good humored and friendly but tends to space out. She enjoys working with her hands. Fio is blessed with the element of lightning. These two are from a game called Gunbound. Hibiki is traumatized by Indian feather hats and the mexican laugh "Jajaja". It's a little inside joke. Boy, stories are hard to explain. I should just post it or something. By the way, the MMORPG I wrote this from is called Maplestory. The population right now went to hell(as in too many idiots/noobs/elitists/more-idiots) though so I kinda distanced myself from that game.
  15. moogle87

    Horror game bosses question

    Be a total bastard to your player and have a breakable wall on the other side of town from where you meet the boss. Only the boss can break that wall and behind that wall is a super secret that everyone wants.
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