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    Graphic Design Degree...

    Typicality a graphic designer works in the publishing (books and uncommonly video games) and/or advertisement industries. Designing things like the packaging a video game comes in, corporate and game logos, can even mean the menu screens (games, DVDs and BluRays), as well anything graphic used in advertising (billboards, flyers, web ads, etc.). All Graphic Design degrees I'm aware of focus on this, and a typical college assignment would be something like "design the brochure for the upcoming theater guild projections".   You don't have to be good at drawing for this degree, but it can definitely help (a lot of graphic designer majors end up as illustrators). And any Graphic Design degree will be focused on getting your design portfolio to be the best it can be. Because a GREAT portfolio will open more doors for you than any level of degree you obtain.   Hope this helps.       
  2. MSW

    What arent you good at drawing?

    I suck at drawing hair and facial expressions. My devianart:
  3. MSW

    I need a name for a Musical Game

    Ever heard about the Keytar ( How about Gods of Keytar. Even is open. Even Rock Band 3 has the perfect controller for this.
  4. The epic sniper battle with the boss named The End in Metal Gear Solid 3. From Wiki: [font="sans-serif"]Kojima designed boss battles of Snake Eater to be totally different from those in previous Metal Gear games, or any other games. He said that the boss battle with sniper The End best represented free, open gameplay in the game. The battle takes place over a large area of dense jungle, and the player must search extensively for The End, who attacks over long range from an unknown position. This battle of attrition can last for hours, and contrasts with other boss fights in which the enemy is right in front of the player and in view the whole time. In addition, the player has the ability to both avoid this boss battle altogether by killing The End earlier in the game; or save and quit during the fight, wait a week, and reload the game to find The End having died of old age. Kojima commented that features like this do not appear in other games.[sup][/quote][/sup][/font] [font="sans-serif"][sup] [/sup][/font] [font="sans-serif"][sup] [/sup][/font] [font="sans-serif"][sup] [/sup][/font]
  5. MSW

    How is the demo of my game?

    Your game is full of bugs. I don't care about your game's frankly lazy plot. Show me you can constantly program good controls before you even think about busted ones. Show me you can program working weapons before you think about busted ones. I lasted a good 15 minutes simply by moving right and hammering on the space bar...The level did not increase...The time did not run out...And I shot all the "comets"! [font=arial, sans-serif][size=2] [/font] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]And I said your game is full of bugs...Most of them you should have exterminated before you uploaded the game. [/font]
  6. MSW

    A planet made of diamonds!

    Correction: "Then again 1g acceleration is kind of slow since humans can briefly endure 4g." No human has yet endured 5 hours at 4g, let alone a single day, week, month, or year.
  7. MSW

    Need Suggestion For A Top Down Shooter

    My advice would be to concentrate on choosing ONE of your weapons and ONE of your game modes and dump the rest. Then, make the very best, most enjoyable game you can out of that...That's "keeping it simple stupid!".
  8. MSW

    Sonys PS3 Hacker lawsuit

    It doesn't quite work that way. Yes, there are lots of things the software can control...but only up to a point. A run of the mill basic budget Subaru Impreza will not turn into an WRX with just a software update. Software can't conjure turbos, higher lift cams, larger throttle bodies and injectors, more robust sway bars, enhanced brake systems, etc. No matter how you want to slice it, manufacturing still costs money. If they can save $.000001 on a set of budget head bolts for every budget car, they are going to do it.
  9. MSW

    Testing for the right mood...

    Yeah, its not my best work. But I think you might be reading too much into things. Both the original run-on sentence and my reworking are pure exposition...The who's, why's, where's letting you know what it going on. Understand? Tension isn't intended here, its just the set up. Where the tension and suspense should be is in the escape. Which is that whole section from the point they leave the medical pod until they safely board Yuna's craft. And because this is told from Diroka's perspective, she needs to have a stake in the action by being an active participant..."finding her feet and running" is only action...Helping to decide the actions that are taken is active participation. Maybe a more dramatic and suspenseful escape is if the exit is cut-off...Tao contacts Yuna to plot an alternative route through the facility...Diroka remembers something, maybe an alternative route that is different than the one Yuna plots...But Diroka isn't sure, so they follow Yuna's path...Its a dead end, security forces are right on their tail...Diroka suddenly remembers the secret hatch..And they escape safely onto Yuna's ship. Thats just a summery, still room for ricocheting bullets and explosions. Point is its not just run, run, run.
  10. MSW

    Testing for the right mood...

    The second revision helps some with the clarity. And, I'm really not much of a grammar and spelling nazi, yet the pervasive run-on sentences make this hard to read. Example: [color="#000080"][font="Calibri"]“Diroka I thought I'd never find you!" cries the young man "do you know who I am? There’s no time to explain, security were already onto me when I broke in here, so look... I don’t know what they have done to you, but It’s me Tao... your brother, remember? We have to get out of here", Diroka wished she could remember, but the large overall coat he wraps around her smells of Kade and Luca oil, a familiar scent that reminds her of a vivid memory of safety.[/font] [/quote] Here, rewrote it a little. Gave her a little bit of voice in this, so she is more than Tao's motive or a narrative m[font="arial, sans-serif"]acguffin. Also exorcised many inconsequential details that can be waxed poetic over later. [/font] [font="arial, sans-serif"] [/font] "Diroka!", beamed the young man. She was flushed from confusion, "I-is that my name? Y-you know me?". "Yes, of course I do! -But, we have to get you out of here!" "W-where are we?" "Look, I don't know what they did to you...", wrapping her in his overcoat. "It's me, Tao...your brother, remember?". She warms to the familiar scent of the coat; recalling distant memories of safety. Then, another set of sirens started, closer and more persistent. "Security is already onto us", prying her from the medical pod. "You are just going to have to trust me. There isn't time to explain!". She welcomed his grasp, as they bolt into the hallway. [/quote]
  11. MSW

    Video games and celebs

    Does it only count as an endorsement if their likeness is able to be modeled in the game? I mean, due to technical limitations they could only approximate Sylvester Stallone's likeness for the NES Rambo game...Even though his mug is all over the packaging and even the NES cart.
  12. MSW

    Video games and celebs

    Wouldn't all those World of Warcraft commercials count? And many of the movie licensed games? Or something like Street Fighter: the movie the game, where the actors are represented as digitalized sprites?
  13. MSW

    Its not just a game... Its art!

    It doesn't matter. The root of this issue is all about getting approval. And this elusive "art" merit badge won't mean anything if continue to toss traditional games under the bus just to possess it.
  14. I think the main problem might be that the player's monster is "anchored" to the left side of the screen. Why not have the monster be able to charge or jump forward a bit to perform the melee attack, and gently "fall" back (like moon level gravity) to the left side of the screen again?
  15. MSW

    How long is first Doom?

    That precisely describes the last level of the DOOM shareware demo, a map called the Phobos Anomaly. [color="#3A3A3A"][font="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"][/font]Doom has three episodes: 1) Knee-deep in the dead. 2) Shores of hell. 3) Inferno The shareware demo only included the first episode. ULTIMATE DOOM includes the 3 DOOM episodes outlined above. And has an additional episode title Thy Flesh Consumed.
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