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  1. As the above posters said, I think you will find it impossible to just begin coding and have yourself a 3D racing game going. Take it from me, I am quite the noob. For me, as I am slowly learning XNA I often have to dedicate a project to just figuring out one facet of the game I'm working towards in the grand scheme of things. That's just the way it goes. As far as Math goes, I am struggling with some of the math concepts in 2D graphics. The burden of learning the Math for graphics, on top of learning how to draw graphics in C++, on top of learning C++ in general is probably going to leave you and your team discouraged if you expect to tackle it all at once from the beginning. Why don't you instead get a team of noobs together and work through a book as a team? Trust me, you don't need a complete 3D racer to feel like you've accomplished something. You will feel like you've tackled an 'everest learning curve' after accomplishing things that you might now perceive to be simple, such as simply drawing a model or sprite on the screen and making it move around. Good luck with whatever you chose =]
  2. Thank you, I greatly appreciate your input. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself with deformable terrain and multiple height levels. I think I will apply your method for now and revisit it in a later stage of the game. Though, if anyone else has input I would love to hear it. Thanks again sir.
  3. After doing some reading around I still don't have a good way to test for this. My problem is that most tutorials involve two objects with bounding rects, and then calculate the space where the two boxes overlap and check the pixels inside that space.. the problem with this is my level rect takes up the entire viewport. Also in my reading I read that pixel perfect collision is slow and should be used sparingly, so maybe per pixel collision isn't the solution I'm looking for? I was able to prevent the player object from falling through the map by just making sure the position of the tank can't move into the ground area of the level, but it looks like the tank is floating because the alpha pixels are included in the whole rectangle. If it helps, I have my level set up sort of like this tutorial: I will eventually need my tank to be able to traverse deformed terrain like in the tutorial. Thanks
  4. I have read several tutorials and tried to read around on the forums trying to find the answer, but I have been unable to. If a thread already exists and you have it bookmarked even that would be of great help. Basically I have my level.png and I read the pixel data into an array. Then I made a bool array for each point, and if the color value isn't transparent I set it to true. level = content.Load<Texture2D>("Sprites\\level"); levelPixelData = new Color[level.Width * level.Height]; level.GetData(levelPixelData); levelCollisionData = new bool[level.Width * level.Height]; for (int x = 0; x < level.Width; x++) { for (int y = 0; y < level.Height; y++) { if (levelPixelData[x + y * level.Width] == Color.TransparentWhite) { levelCollisionData[x + y * level.Width] = false; } else { levelCollisionData[x + y * level.Width] = true; } } } I'm trying to make it so my tank will even just sit on the level right now without falling through, but eventually I would like the tank to drive across it. One step at a time though ;) If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. [Edited by - Sria on March 9, 2008 2:31:28 PM]
  5. Sria

    Python Exercises

    From the FAQ - Text adventures are a fun way to practice as well.
  6. Sria

    program advice (python)

    Another thing you might try is to make a new string to hold the letters guessed that are actually in the word, and displaying that when all the guessing is done with.
  7. Sria

    program advice (python)

    Man, I have been having to use Java for my class so I can't remember how to do things in Python it all comes up in my head visualized as java, but I can give you some advice on the concepts that you would use. You already know how to use the len function on your strings, so you can determine the length of what the user inputs. You also know that you only want the user to enter in one letter so you could do something like if the user inputs something that's length is greater than 1 prompt the user for input again. else carry on Another way you could do it is use the string index of what ever the user inputs and just take the first char from it. user_input_string[0]
  8. Sria

    Python Book help

    Then I don't think you can go wrong with Python for the absolute beginner
  9. Sria

    Python Book help

    Something I also didn't like about python for the absolute beginner is that the pygame was hidden (for lack of a better word) through the use of livewires. However, the book is about learning the basics but you make text games. I will have to check out the book the above poster posted, as I am a beginner myself
  10. Sria

    Self Made CMS in PHP / MySQL

    Ok, I think I got it now. Thanks very much for your help. I haven't learned the techniques to prevent SQL injection yet, but I will be sure to before we put the site live.
  11. Sria

    Self Made CMS in PHP / MySQL

    Ok, that's exactly what i'm trying to do. That arises another problem for me in that I only know how to use $_GET to pull information from a form.
  12. Sria

    Self Made CMS in PHP / MySQL

    I do have an articleID which i am using to order the Titles in descending order (most recent at the top) but I still don't understand how I will get access to that ID on my new page simply by clicking the link. I wish I could put it into programming terms better but I cant :/
  13. Sria

    Self Made CMS in PHP / MySQL

    You know what, you're right lol. The only solution I can even think of just simply doesn't make sense. I could make a page with the article on it, and store the url to the database and print that out, but then that defeats the purpose of the CMS being able to add articles to the databse and print them to the website dynamically. I can't think of how to I guess (send?) the information to the new page so that it knows what article to print out. Like how do I bring the association of title a user clicked to the new page so that I can print the article related to that title. What I'm missing I suppose is how to change the WHERE part of my query dynamically SELECT * FROM articles WHERE (title = title clicked on previous page)
  14. Hello, I am learning PHP by building a content management system for my friend and I's website. I am sort of just taking it step by step, and adding new features as I go and just trying to learn the basics along the way. Right now I am playing with adding in a feature that shows some of the recent posts or updates by just displaying their Title. I have succesfuly displayed a list of titles, but now I would like to make the title clickable and have it take you to a page that generates the entire article. The only solution I have come up with is very un-practical and defeats the purpose . I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance
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