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  1. GLFW (meaning cross-platform, Win + macOs tested) available here as of commit git checkout 9d9416b0add2ab962796a8747370a4eeaada8fa8 in projects/bvh-loader It's still a WIP repo but the article code is runnable.
  2. edin-m

    C++ Random number issue

    e.seed(time(0)); Try to comment out this line - it's reinitializing seed. and move `e` and `u` init code somewhere else.
  3. Hey @sigfriddo , sorry for late response - not sure why I didn't get the notification about your comment. I think that section's code is not copied from codebase but rather simplified just to present the idea. Unfortunately, I haven't transferred the code over to GLFW :(. The main.cpp you're looking for is: Cross-reference the logical parts of the main.cpp with the code from that section of the article.
  4. Building on Dramolion's comment, your X technology categories (engine tech, materials, glass tech, metals, design, market, etc...) could be researched separately by a set of different buildings (labs or R&D buildings). Each could have a tech tree, and could require a different number of differently skilled people (so not only engineers but scientists, chemists, mechanics, artists, etc...). These buildings could themselves manage employees - and to speed up the process of a tech research, player could assign more people to work at each of them.
  5. edin-m

    What are your focusing techniques?

    Don't throw all the work right away! Your R-mode brain (background brain processes) might give you some good ideas in weirdest and most unexpected moments. Tho you probably cannot kick in and start working on it - the habit you want to change, it's good to write down the ideas. That's a start. Because it is! You already have some kind of habit - which you're looking to change - and that's difficult because your brain is already wired in one way. Changing diet/exercise/sleep habit is a good start but it's only a start - since those are most primitive human actions/habits - thus most easy to alter. For this specific situation, I would suggest meditation, 5 to 10 minutes, prior and after to your selected period for the work. First, disable all notifications and distractions you might possibly have and can spare to silence (wi-fi off, no mail popups, etc). Second, sit, lay, walk, stand, whatever, and just breathe and focus on breathing - set a timer to, at first 5, then after a couple of times, for 10 minutes - time you would focus and think only about your breathing - disbarring every other thought. Afterwards, kick off the work. The intro and outro meditation sessions would be like an entry/exit guidance to the brain to/from some different state. Do this in a consistent time of a day and benefits can only go up. The goal here is to focus your attention and to train it. The 30-60 min distraction free work-session won't help you if you have the monkey mind. You, also, should align your time to your tasks, instead of tasks to your time available (do 1 task for 40 minutes - instead of 1.3 tasks for a 60-minute session).
  6. Hey, I've looked into your ik library and it seems awesome. How stable it is, besides alpha, is it ready to use? And do you anticipate if the API is going to have significant changes in the future?
  7. Took me a while :) It was bunch of messy unorganized mess, but I got myself together cleaned it up and published it on github. (Link at the top)
  8. edin-m

    Indexing multiple VBOs
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