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    Energy Drinks reviews and suggestions

    I don't really find I need energy drinks while programming.... but I do take Lucozade when I'm doing marathons, I find that they help quite a bit, I choose Lucozade cos that's what they're usually giving out round the course.
  2. Jiim

    Making big changes in my life, need some good advice.

    I'm in the UK, and completed a degree in Maths some 5 years ago. It was a good degree from one of the top universities in the country. But I wanted to work as a programmer, ideally in games but wasn't too fussy. Without any kind of programming qualifications I struggled to even get interviews. So... I knew a little bit of Java, so I decided that the easiest and quickest way for me to get any kind of qualification was to teach myself and take the Java certified programmer exam. I paid for it myself(£100 or so) and passed it! There was obviously the face value of the qualification itself, but the real value in the certificate was it showed that I was pro-active and very motivated. With a (2D) DirectDraw demo I eventually got a job writing games in C/C++.... which was of course nothing to do with Java at all! That's been my experience! My problem was that without the right piece of paper I wasn't even considered for an interview.
  3. Jiim

    Seagate Announces 750GB Barracuda Hard Drives

    That's ridiculous! At work we only 20Gb drives!!! We develop games for a few different platforms and everything! 20Gb is plenty if you're organised enough, well.... unless you install that tomb raider game! Must have been lazy developers... must have been.
  4. Jiim

    Splitting and recombining bytes

    Does C# have unions??? Makes this kind of thing very easy!
  5. Hi, I'm a professional game-developer by day, but by night I still do some work on my own stuff. I think the reason that a lot of amateur project never makes it to the commercial stage is simply because it is only a hobby, and pursuing a commercial avenue changes that. It started out for me as a hobby, I was just lucky enough that I found someone that was willing to pay me to do it full-time! You have a different outlook on your professional projects from your amateur projects. With professional/commercial projects the emphasis is all about getting it done on schedule and on budget, and that is the primary objective, it is a business. With amateur projects you've got a lot more scope to pursue the things that interest you. Recently at home I've been tackling the problem of creating an algorithm that splits a general (2D) polygon in to convex sub-polygons. This was a problem I came across, it interested me, I could see that it required some thought, so I followed it. I could afford to do that at home whereas maybe I wouldn't be able to at work..... JJ.
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