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  1. Where to start....?

    Cheers just what I was looking for.
  2. Where to start....?

    Im looking to make a RPG or MMORPG, not unlike Oblivion or Morrowind (Don't worry im not exspecting anything near that level of quality) but something in that genre. Thanks for the help.
  3. Where to start....?

    Everywhere seems to have help for developers with some experience, but none for people with no experience atall *me newb* I can write stories and books and create worlds etc. etc. and I spend all my other time playing games, and ive always wanted to put one of my worlds into game form and I have NO idea where to start, could anyone give me a pointer? P.S, I do have a lot of experience with computer use and different software, however I cant code or animate.
  4. Where's Verge 3 Help Apreciated

    I'd appreciate it if someone could link me to the Verge III official website or a download for it. I can't seem to find it anywhere, and it isn't for the lack of trying, thanks.
  5. Going to post your story? Read this first

    Thanks, and if you're looking for the story to go somewhere and you're looking for help, allways use good gramma not any of this 7O74LY l33t omg wtf shit. And that's another thing, don't swear at people.