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  1. from http://www.mirthkit.com Curved Infinity Games has announced continued expansion of MirthKit's list of supported platforms, starting with support for open mobile platforms. The Openmoko mobile phone operating system and GP2X Wiz mobile game console are ideal candidates for MirthKit's 2D-only game marketplace. The addition of MirthKit's capabilities and cross platform reach will give these platforms new games while giving MirthKit's users new mobility. MirthKit's focus on mobile platforms reveals the overall strategy Curved Infinity Games promises: connect the players to the makers of games with as many freedoms as possible. Mobile platforms will give MirthKit's players new freedom of movement while giving developers the ability to publish to the desktop and then to mobile platforms with no extra effort. About MirthKit MirthKit is a multi-platform online game arcade which provides a complete game-making and publishing package available to all for free. With MirthKit, it is easy to find new games, modify games you love, and sell any of your creations. About Curved Infinity Games Curved Infinity Games is a game technology company based in Ashburn, Virginia, which is focused on improving the sustainability of independent game development. Founded in 2007, CIG is giving the world of gaming a breath of fresh air with MirthKit. Curved Infinity Games makes revenue from MirthKit with the sales of its own game productions and by reselling third party productions. [Edited by - curvedinfinity on September 22, 2008 2:32:19 PM]
  2. curvedinfinity

    OpenGL perfomance question

    Seconds per frame is the inverse of frames per second -- in otherwords, just divide 1 by those FPS values and you will have seconds per frame. -- Its the same difference. To answer your question, If you run aero on vista, that uses the GPU, which will automatically give you a big performance hit. Also, I know that windows (including XP) has some kind of funkiness while buffer swapping. In Linux, I get over 2,000 fps if I just clear the back-buffer, while in XP I'll get about 700 fps on the same computer. EDIT: oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when you actually start drawing stuff, the all the OSes will perform similarly (ironically, Linux has been benchmarking about 3% higher than Windows lately with better drivers and such)
  3. curvedinfinity

    MirthKit Alpha Release -- Its like Flash, except not!

    Heya, This isn't browser based, but if I had a Mac to develop with, it would have a Mac version. With little modification it will compile on any target -- even a Nintendo DS or PSP (to note, both of which have wifi capability).
  4. So, let me start with a pretty picture: Hey Everyone, I'm an independent game developer, and for the last number of months I've been working on a project called MirthKit. In a couple words, its an executable that runs script and assets downloaded from the internet. -- In more than a few words, its a whole lot more than that. Its a game player, an arcade if you will, that simplifies developing and publishing casual games. Its has a little bit of Flash and a little bit of XBOX Live Arcade in its inspiration, but I think it is better than either. Its still an early version, and has plenty of rough corners, but the foundations are in, and it works pretty rock-solidly. It includes a sort-of-game based on one of my previous games called Finity Flight, which was made in C++. Its mainly just there for you to see how the thing works though. If you want to check it out, follow the link below. There's a bit of documentation (its by no means great though). Link: http://www.mirthkit.com The script's language is based on Lua, but is very similar to C++ in syntax -- its called Squirrel, if you've heard of it. You will probably find it very familiar. The API Reference has a link to the language's reference. So you know, the entry point (where it starts reading scripts) is in ./local/main.mnut doFile downloads the script you see in quotes, and then runs it. All of the downloaded stuff will be in that new folder that is created. If you have any problems or questions, send me a mail or leave a message here. Chase "curvedinfinity" Adams
  5. curvedinfinity

    3rd Episode of Finity Flight II is out!

    Just overhauled the website, so feel free to drop a comment. :)
  6. The only game with weekly episodes is back with the third installment today! Check it out at ff2.curvedinfinity.com
  7. curvedinfinity

    Finity Flight II - Episode II

    Hey, everyone, This game has been such a hit in the linux community, I decided to release the source for the underlying libraries I made to make the game under the LGPL. They are cross-platform and ultra-minimal (which is one of the reasons I am able to keep the weekly schedule I have). Here is a link to the release: http://ff2.curvedinfinity.com/?p=30 Here is a screenshot from one of the example aps in the package:
  8. curvedinfinity

    Finity Flight II - Episode II

    Yes, so its that time of the week again! Time for a new installment of Finity Flight II. Check it out at http://ff2.curvedinfinity.com
  9. curvedinfinity

    Finity Flight II

    Hey everyone, I am releasing a new game called Finity Flight II. It is a 2D top down shooter with very nice graphics for a 2D game. What makes it special, however, is that I intend to release a new episode of it every week. This means new things to do and a new bit of an on-going story. Please visit its website for more information and a link to download: http://ff2.curvedinfinity.com It is cross-platform and OpenGL accelerated. If you are running Linux, make sure you have libSDL, libSDL_ttf, and libSDL_image installed. Here is a screenshot:
  10. curvedinfinity

    Sky Fire 1.0 Released

    Thanks for finding that bug zer0wolf. The game runs on OpenGL 1.1. Its nothing fancy, we are just putting it to good use. :)
  11. curvedinfinity

    Sky Fire 1.0 Released

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! We are currently taking a short break from working on the game because the team is in the process of moving from Florida to their respective home states. Ill be sure to keep you all updated on progress! Also, anyone who is having trouble with the game, please list your systems specs, OS, and a step by step list of how you get to the point you encounter your problem. Thanks! Chase
  12. curvedinfinity

    Sky Fire 1.0 Released

    Glad you all are having fun! We are working on a new version that will have a much better single player mode. Also, we are looking into internet play -- that requires a bit of an investment for the list server, so we will see. Chase [Edited by - curvedinfinity on June 19, 2006 4:13:47 PM]
  13. curvedinfinity

    [GLFW] Visual C++ 2005 Express

    For whatever reason, I could not get GLFW to link with a DLL in VS05EE. However, getting it to link to these libraries here was really easy. All you need is the following two lines somewhere. #pragma comment(lib,"GLFW.lib") #pragma comment(lib,"opengl32.lib") Note that you need no defines -- just those two lines to get it to work.
  14. curvedinfinity

    Sky Fire 1.0 Released

    Hey, Im the project lead for a new futuristic combat flight sim called Sky Fire. http://skyfire.curvedinfinity.com/ The page has a few videos and a link to our first released version. Please send some comments or suggestions if you will! Chase Adams Project Lead Panoptic Interactive [Edited by - curvedinfinity on June 19, 2006 4:22:08 PM]
  15. curvedinfinity

    A few games

    Hey, check out my website http://games.curvedinfinity.com It has a few small games, and in a month or two, it should include a much larger scope 3D combat flight sim.
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