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  1. A Thread About Dynamic Clothing in Max If you start a thread pertaining to 3DsMax or Maya, message me or respond with the URL, and I'll put it on this message.
  2. Izbayachonay

    Dynamic Clothing

    Oh I was suprised when I browsed the forums. Everyone's a programmer! I literally know NOTHING of C++, but I'm a 3DsMax Wiz :) They need to make a modelling segment in the forum.
  3. Izbayachonay

    Dynamic Clothing

    Well, yeah. In 3DsMax, you apply a cloth modifier to the object you want to behave as cloth. You set the parameters or use a preset, and you click the 'Add objects' button to add more objects into the same modifier. So I add in the Character, and set it to a collision object. When I hit the simulate button, the cloth falls as normal, and collides with the body. Everything is peachy. Things mess up when I make the character walk though :/ But yeah, I bet that the order in which I did things is the problem, I'll give it a run through when I get home. Thanks so much :)
  4. Izbayachonay

    Dynamic Clothing

    I had set my character to a collision object, and connected it to my Character Rig in Schematic view, but I still got the problem. Maybe I need to connect the clothing to the character before I put the cloth modifier on it? I'll give it a shot when I get home. Thank you for the input, guys! ^^
  5. Izbayachonay

    Dynamic Clothing

    That would be a lot more practical, but I was trying to figure out dynamic clothing that is effected by gravity and wind effects. I know I probably won't be using it for a while, but I just wanted it for the sake of knowing how.
  6. Izbayachonay

    Dynamic Clothing

    Hi, I'm in my second semester towards my Bachelor's Degree in Game Design. I haven't had any modelling classes yet, but I'm doing tutorials in my free time with 3DsMax8. My current task is working with Dynamic clothing. I've figured it out for the most part, how to assign points to not be effected by forces, how to create collision objects. My problem is actually attaching the clothing to the character while it is animated and moved. My characters tend to walk straight through it. Any tips? [Edited by - Izbayachonay on April 24, 2006 3:07:46 PM]
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