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  1. This is in creative mode, you basically get everything, every block, every creature (you click on them and just drop them in the game)...
  2. Hey I do like this, love the lighting and shadows :-)   What long term plans do you have for this game?  I take it with you mentioning asset store you are using Unity?   Keep up the journal and the good work!
  3. Hi all, Spent some time yesterday doing updates to the shops, they now appear dark when closed and also have a nice light that comes on outside too. Creatures passing the shops comment whether shop is open and if so, they may possibly go in - at the moment this is done randomly until I come up with some attributes for the creatures as to why it may enter a particular shop. Some more gfx updates also on the blocks, see what you think. Thanks Showing the many creature tab you can spawn: The new blocks and one shop appears to be open while another is shut: Shop closed showing light on outside:
  4. Lol, yeah, did look at that book didn't seem to work, will take another look this weekend when I have some more debug time!
  5. Thanks :-)   The creatures say various things, when walking past shop they may say it is open and even pop into the shop!   Creatures are going to be assigned friends who if they meet in the world, they will speak with and if the friend is killed by you, then anybody linked to this friend will be verbally off with you or even attack you!
  6. Hi,   Yes it is, decided change the light colour instead :-)
  7. Hi, Well today, I had a little bit of time so I've updated the shop object - they now have opening and closing times, who the shop keeper is and items they sell. If the shop is closed it is drawn darker than normal, although you can click on it and will be told so. Creatures that walk past shops sometimes show speech bubbles about the shop and at the moment I'm implementing letting them actually go inside the shop. The speech bubble class allows you to set a delay of when bubble disappears, the text you want in it, work very well. Going to use them to allow the creatures to do some conversations - they may say hello, stuff like that and I've now added a list object in the creature main abstract class where now creatures have a list of friends, if they see these, they will use the speech bubbles to talk to them :-) Added night/day cycle to work with the game time - the game time is 1 minute is 1 hour, works very well, creatures also age against the night/day cycle adding to the realism. Lastly today i added dynamic weather, so it may rain, snow or be dry for random periods of time, seems to work ok. Next up is to do the inside of the shops...still thinking of how this should look, want it to show any creatures that could be inside as well as shop keeper. Happy coding til next time.
  8. Well done.  Fingers crossed for you!
  9. Hi, I've finally added some shops to the game, at the moment I have petshop, armour and a weapon shop. Each shop when double clicked on opens an inside view of the shop with the items that can be bought. All the shops are randomly generated within the world and even the shop keepers are. I created a nice building factory class this process and it works very well. Also added another 50 blocks and some decorations (furnitute). I am next working on allowing some flood fill when building for speeding up the building process and also be adding some scenery to the underworld to make it more pleasant on the eye. Please visit my website for further updates. www.sdggames.net Thanks
  10. Yes agree, will try and 'tone' them down a little.  Thanks for the comment :-)
  11. Added some procedural hill biomes today, not sure what to do with them as of yet but do think they make the landscape a little more interesting... Looking at adding shops to the land at some point this week, should be interesting, quite looking forward to coding this up. Each shop will have a random character serving in them, when you enter the shop I possibly will open a zoomed in version of it where you can then browse the goods for sale, may even let you kill the character in the shop and just take everything!
  12. Major overhaul on the gfx resolutions - looks a lot better now. Also added more attributes to creatures (pet, swim, life span...) My website has also been updated showing latest screen shots and latest video (please go see!) http://sdggames.net Will be working on vehicles this coming week and teleportation...
  13. From the album Project Life

    Game world zoomed out showing the size of this map...
  14. From the album Project Life

  15. From the album Project Life

    Down below in the underworld - showing 3 different types of lights.