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  1. granat

    How to detect speed hack?

    Server is king.
  2. granat

    Donations as a Source of Income

    After watching the video of Minecraft I still have no clue what the game is about. A rollercoaster in Legoland?
  3. Why give away something of that quality? Are you rich?
  4. granat

    Donations as a Source of Income

    3600 bought it in the last 24 hours. Can this really be true.
  5. granat

    Being Bandwidth Friendly

    Question is, how do you know when a packet is dropped using UDP? Unless you sort of reimplement TCP (aknowledgements). I would just send a reasonable amount of packets and not worry about it :)
  6. granat

    Funding America's Partial Socialism

    Quote:Original post by BenThereDoneThat Owning stocks does nothing for society, so wealth made from it should probably be taxed. Yes ownning stocks is good for the economy. Stocks equals investments. Are investments not a benefit for the society? You say wealth made from it should be taxed. So you admit that stocks create wealth. Is wealth not good for society? I think you need to think a little harder and longer.
  7. It was Visual Studio 6.0, I remembered incorrectly. Project consist of 200+ files. "Whole program optimization" did not help. I will try to either create project from scratch or create a new test one and take the settings from that. I will report back to this thread, so that future viewers shall know the dark truth.
  8. Don't think I have "whole program optimization" turned on (to me it sounded like something for release mode that would slow compile time down). Will check when I get home. Thanks for your reply. Regarding precompiled headers I've never felt the need. Like I mentioned, VS5 recompiles pretty instantly when you only change few things.
  9. I just converted a Visual Studio C++ 5.0 project to Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express. The project compiles and works but under VS5 if I only changed a single file then the next compile would only compile the affected file and thus go lightning fast. Under 2010 every file is re-compiled it seems. This makes it very slow to use. I have checked the "Quick recompile" (or something to that effect) under project properties, which is supposed to make it skip unchanged files but it does not seem to work. I have not used precompiled headers under VS5, so this is not the reason. Any ideas?
  10. granat

    Bit of an unfair court order to YouTube.

    Quote:Original post by tstrimp Of course it's fair. You mean YouTube shouldn't be held accountable for what gets shown on their site? It really doesn't matter if one of their owners posted it or Pedophile Pete. YouTube is responsible for whatever is shown on the site. So if I posted a picture (or link) to child porn here then GameDev should be held responsible? I think that if I did that I am the guilty part. Only if it could be proven that GameDev was aware of my posting and did not remove it, should GameDev also be held responsible. At least thats my opinion.
  11. granat


    Use the money the players pay you to pay for server costs.
  12. granat

    Game Objects

    "I first thought an array would be good but then I would have to make an array for each type of object such as balls, powerups and bullets" Usually you create a base class, CGameObject for example and all gameobjects inherrit from this class. This way your array (although better to use some kind of dynamic sized list) can contain pointers to CGameObjects which means all your balls, powerups and bullets etc.
  13. granat

    help a noobie

    Quote:Original post by hplus0603 Actually, it may very well -- the DHCP server doesn't have to renew your lease, but can instead give you another IP address. Some cable providers allow you to get a static IP, for a fee, btw. Really? So in the middle of a game of BF2 the IP suddenly changes and you are disconnected? I have a hard time believing that. Or is it only if you have NO open connections?
  14. granat

    help a noobie

    Quote:Original post by wizardpc I was told that my IP address changes (im not shutting off the computer). So how do you code in the clients application, to deal with this change. I don't think the IP will change if you keep the computer running. Quote:Original post by wizardpc is my servers fault for changing ip addresses? if so is there a way to stop that? I think you Internet Service Provider is the cause of that. But it is easy to test. goto and see what IP you have. Shut down your computer and boot again. Enter page. Is IP the same? (If you have modem, then just disconnect and connect again).
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