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  1. Thanks. kind Regards, Rowin
  2. Hi, is there a function to send a mail in C++ Builder? Kind Regards, Rowin
  3. Hi, How can I do the following? I have a DBGrid and I need to get values that grid. When I click on a cell in the grid, I need to get all values in the selected row. If for example there are 3 columns named ID, name and age. If I click a cell in the grid, the value for the Id is displayed in a textbox, the value for name in another one and also the value for age in another textbox. That is I need to display individual column values for the selected row in a text box for each one. Can anyone help me? Thanks. Rowin
  4. yes i do have a dataset. I'll try it. Thanks for the help, Rowin
  5. Hi, I have a table called event in my database. I have 2 fields called Event_Id and Project_Id. I want to search the table to find out if there's event_id=27 for a project_id. Kind Regards, Rowin
  6. Hi, I have an C++ Builder application. I want to print a report with the values appearing in my application. I get these values from my database. I already have a crystal report format of how the report should be printed. How to do this? Kind Regards, Rowin
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