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  1. First learn how to make simple perlin/simplex noise. Then learn how to make fractal/octave noise. Then you can move to different types of combined noise. But from what you say and want. You want to create highly complex textures, that require some kind of artistic touch. This is not work for few days or weeks. You can look at Genetica (http://www.spiralgraphics.biz/gen2tour/index.htm), and that is higly advanced software withou source-code.
  2. Falhar

    GPU-based terrain rendering

    The geoclipmaps on GPU dont have anything to do with graphical mip-maps. You can use one texture for each clipmap level or merge all textures in one in sense of tiling. I tried implementing it too, but I got stuck on my graphic card's un-suport of vertex texture fetch even if it says it supports Shaders 3.0 (crappy mobility ATI X1400). You sound like someone who doesnt realy understand how graphics or geoclipmaps really work. Try studying it little more before you try somethig complicated like this.
  3. You are in wrong forum. .NET =/= networking.
  4. No. SpriteBatch can only draw rectangular textures. Only way to draw something specific is to use standard drawing pipeline.
  5. I was thinking about this for some time. I would like to find some cool ideas about science-like magic approach. Something like alchemy in FullMetal Alchemist series. Its science from their side of view, but feels like magic from our view. I dont have any idea now. Maybe you people will have some ideas or references of this approach.
  6. Wasnt there almost half year beta version??(of VS2008) So, why not? But no support for VS2008 .. bad .. :(
  7. I need help in programing of pathfinding for my game. I have map that consists of basic geometric shapes(circles, rectangles, triangles). And i have lot (2000) of starting positions. I need to find shortest way from these positions to ONE target. Perfect precision is not necessary, but it has to run in real-time. Any suggestions? Algorithms? Thanks for help.
  8. Well, i think i need to more specify my problem .. with my bad english :( The usage of square grid is out of option because map can be very complex and distance between objects can be very small. I have basic concept of graph-based approach for this, but as Rasmadrak stated, the problem is to find where the particles(not units) are connected to this graph.
  9. Well i got a project to do for my practise at school. It is student database for my school(with marks and other stuff). But iam forced to use Linux and Apache. Well my teacher wants me to create Module for Drupal so I(he) can spread it like open source so other schools can use it. But i dont like PHP. I much more like ASP.NET and .NET in general(read: i cant program in PHP much). So i want to use Mono and ASP.NET for development. I know it is possible (somehow) implement ASP.NET in apache but i dont know how much it is compatible to run ASP.NET pages. And i dont know much about drupal so far. So can anybody tell me something about these problems? I find it much more suitable for me to use ASP.NET but i dont know how well it will perform under Mono. Anybody can help?
  10. Iam trying to implement 2D liquid simulation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics(SPH). But I dont understand it well, mainly because my math is not high enough(Iam still at high school) and engish is not my language. I understand SPH well(at least basic concept). But i dont understand how Navier-Strokes equations are applied in it (because I dont understand Navier-Strokes equations(wtf is divergence and Laplacian?)). I found some material on it (Particle-Based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications paper), but this requies math knowledge i dont have. I also found some source code, but it was far away from learning material. Does anybody know about some better source on this topic or more materials? Sorry for bad english.
  11. Falhar

    independent shader language

    Well .. i think some kind of assembler is good.
  12. Falhar


    I remember this: http://www.introversion.co.uk/uplink/ game. Its hacker simulation of future. Most is simplified, but you can be catched. It has story, but not so visible. You can work for company to destroy or save internet.
  13. Falhar

    Game concept research

    I think its not important how many or how known. but how do you represent them. Goblins can be represented like stupid creatures whitch only like blood of normal beings or working society which is very different from "normal" human society. Next important thing is history of this races or more important their interaction(eg. elfs dont realy like dwarves, dragons can be neutral etc..). not to OT: well i think i cant remember races which weren't mentioned here. well . i think Elementals can be considered race. Magic based beings (can be considered demons) representig some basic elements(fire,water(ice),earth,wind(lighting)) or combination of them. Mostly loyal to their Master.
  14. WTF? are you crazy? are you thinking you get some "normal results" when trying to make half of program? (even this complex) to VBOs: i think you can use one VBO for entire terrain.
  15. They are using standard 4component vector (X,Y,Z,W), but in Shader they are rewriting W to 1 so transformation works normaly. its stupid to write only half of program and expect it to work on half way :). shader: input coordinates for each vector is (x,y,z,zc) output coordinates for this vector is (x,y,some computation with z and zc,1)
  16. Iam trying to make game. I know something about application development, but iam stuck on problem now. I know game can be combined from diferent "parts" (main menu, game itself, credits, high scores, etc..). I dont know how to make and manage theese parts so there can be some goals accomplished: 1. you can go from one to another whenever you want. 2. you can initialize each part diferently (game can be start from begining or loaded). I dont know how to program theese parts and its managment. (sorry for bad english, not native speaker)
  17. Falhar

    "Basic" game parts

    I was thinking about something similiar .. but how handle changes between theese states? In states itself or by using some state manager?
  18. I think that older drivers with newer cards, can ignore some extensions whitch card can support and emulating them in software. When instaling newer drivers this problem disapears becouse driver can handle new function on graphic card.
  19. try to aske theese 7.5 millions of people, how long did they played it? i think most of it only heard about it. i dont know from my experience, but WoW was highly medialized in its beging, so most people heard about it, some of them played it form few months, and some of this some actualy actively play this game for some time . everything is IMO. i never played WoW.
  20. if you know(and using?) GLSL so why you ask? i think you need supprot for this without shaders? if you want this so i think its useless because each graphic cars now supprots at least shader model 2, else you want to use it with 4 years? old cards.
  21. Falhar

    Question: Vista and OpenGL

    i think you can use standard winXP drivers .. but it can have some errors(blue screen when shuting down) and disabling of aero style.
  22. i think player can have some sort of skills. witch can give him some advantages while controling units/planets. example: player with PRODUCTION skill, can on loaned or owned planet produce ships/units like other players, but gets advantages in faster/cheaper production. player with LEADERSHIP can give bonus to warships when in battle. (i realy like skill training system in EvE online :) ) For the newbie issue: there can be some sort of bennining organization where all begining players come. top BOSSES will be GMs, some leaders can be experienced players, who want to help newbies. There you can learn basics of the game and learn skills you want. When you think you learned enought you can look for some players, who is also looking for someone of you qualification. When you leave this beginers organization you cant take anything with you and you must start with this new Boss player. For the skill organization there can be General who gives bonuses to all warships, fighers etc.. and his subordinate Figher commander who gives bonuses only to fighters but these bonuses are much more larger than generals. Sorry for bad english. Still learning. :)
  23. I want to use textures in my application. I'm thinking about two posible solutions: 1. Store texuture data(width, height, graphics id) in some kind of array (private member of some higher class) and to use texture index like its unique ID in program. 2. Use single class for each texture and use this class for loading, binding etc.. Any sugestions or practical isues on this? Thanks.
  24. Falhar

    Growing Equipment

    Or .. let monsters only drop materials and let crafters to make weapons(well .. some basic weapons can be sold by NPC). If you have bosses in your world .. you can let them drop some better or legendary equipment, but very ocasionaly. I realy like idea of "skills are first" system(i dont know how to call it). your attack or magic damage can be hightly modified by skills, but weapons can only boost it a little .. so you dont need better equipment, but better skills.
  25. Falhar

    Visual 2003 vs visual 2005

    MrEvil: how did you get intelisense working? i've got MSVC++ Express 2005. and it always shows "Updating InteliSense" in status bar. I renamed some .dll file for turning it off. i searched for info, found some files, but you must register or something to download them.
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